I can’t believe I’m sat here two years on. Two years ago my life changed forever and it all started when I became single.

Two years ago I broke as a person, I was so emotionally empty the only way was up and to re-build my life. This is when I spiritually awoke and found the Law of Attraction. I remember writing this post last year and documenting how far I’d come and the lessons I’d learnt. Now it’s another year on I even feel a lifetime away from the last blog post I wrote about this a year back. In the last year, I have completely rebranded and let go of my money-saving roots. I’ve fearlessly walked into the spirituality scene and done some incredible things in my career. I’ve travelled the world and found myself in six new countries. I met my twin flame and moved into my dream home. I’ve been in a relationship for eleven months now and who would have thought I’d have three new tattoos either.

I look back to how I perceived my life a year ago, and once again find myself saying a year on ‘Emma you knew nothing!’ I’ve grown so much spiritually since last year I’ve connected to my spirit guides and psychic abilities. My whole brand is now spiritual focused as I’ve launched an entire merchandise range which is fastly becoming a full-time job in itself and became a life coach. The main thing that’s changed for me is I know my purpose now, I know what I’m working towards and I get to do that with my best friend and twin flame. I get to spend my years enlightening the world with someone who gets me on a level I never knew was possible. Meeting Mr C certainly did shake things up but I’d be half a person without him and I love the connection we share.

This year I know is going to be another big year for me, I’ve submitted my Hay House book proposal and will hear back in May the outcome. Although we all hopefully know the outcome already *manifesting*. I will have explored six new countries with Mr C and friends by the time 2018 is up which makes my soul very happy. Again, I sit here and sometimes feel an overwhelming surge of gratitude for the fact I can work anywhere in the world and create such beautiful memories with beautiful souls. I’m living my best life and I manifested this…all of this!

So looking back to that night two years ago, how do I feel about it now two years on? I will say when Mr C walked into my life I was able to fully see the bigger picture and understand why everything had to happen the way it did – isn’t hindsight a beautiful thing? I like to do these reflective posts as an honest documentation of my growth and manifesting journey. If you’d have shown me my life now two years ago, I don’t think I ever would have worried about a thing but then I wouldn’t have learned the hard lessons along the way which have shaped me into the person I am today. I want to show you this journey so you too can understand the power of manifestation and The Universe.

Since writing this last year I feel more connected to myself, The Universe and I love myself a whole heap more. My awareness of suffering and blocking myself has also helped me grow this year – meaning I am quicker to heal and empower myself away from a low vibration. All in all, life is great I wouldn’t change a thing and I’m so blessed this is the path I chose in life. I have released any negativity from my life, found my soul sisters, my twin flame and I found even more of myself in the process. I have truly healed and forgiven the situation knowing that a greater happiness beyond my wildest dreams was always awaiting me through this awakening. I hope this blog post has helped you and I want to thank you for always supporting me and my work. Lots of Love xx

Emma xx
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This Post Has 3 Comments

  1. What a lovely blog post Emma. The Universe certainly sends us lessons to challenge and learn from. So happy for you on your new spiritual journey. S x

    1. Thanks my lovely xx

  2. Hi Emma,

    I feel compelled to comment as usually i don’t and I’m a constant supporter of your work on all social platforms.

    I’d like to express my overwhelming feeling of gratitude toward you as you’ve been the ultimate person who introduced me to a life of spirituality.

    I have experienced soooooo many synchronicities example of seeing Angel # 44 EVERYWHERE
    Showing signs of them supporting me on my journey of awakening.

    I realized your picture for this post and the background address was # 44 ( squeal)

    I take this as a sign of change for my life too, as pertaining to your post and your progress these past 2 yrs.

    Thank you for all the positivity you share with the world. I felt the need to let you know the impact you have on myself and many others I’m sure 🙂

    God bless you!

    Susan xoxo

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