Manifestation Masterclass Sessions

Manifestation Masterclass Sessions - Emma Mumford Spiritual Queen

Hello lovelies and welcome to my very own Manifestation Masterclasses! After so many of you asked me to do these both locally and online, I thought the best way to hold these sessions would be online with all of our positive vibes together. Join me for these monthly 90-minute sessions where I will be covering my own spiritual practices and will be answering all of your questions live. Not only will I be sharing my own personal experiences I will also be showing you proven techniques and resources I use – to help you successfully manifest your dream life.

Each manifestation masterclass will have a different topic and has a maximum of 100 attendees so do make sure to book your space in advance to avoid disappointment. Normally I only cover these proven tools and insights with my life coaching clients – they will help to bring you awareness of your manifesting journey and what you can do to help clear the way for abundance to pour in.

I look forward to seeing you in the #manifestationmasterclass Spiritual Queen’s!

Manifestation Masterclass #1 – The Beauty Of The Basics

When – 21st June 2018, 7:00pm GMT (BST)

Where – Online using this page and the widget below. Once you’ve purchased your space you will be emailed a unique link, or you can visit this page again and log in. The session will be best viewed on a desktop but it will also work on mobiles. Please also make sure you have a good internet connection, so we don’t lose you!

Join me for this 90-minute masterclass workshop on 21st June 2018 at 7:00pm GMT. Don’t worry if you can’t make the live webinar, it will be recorded and upon request can be emailed to you with proof of purchase. In this session we will be covering Law of Attraction & Spirituality basics. Also why remembering the basics can be so important in our spiritual journey. Although I’ve addressed this session to my Spiritual Queen’s everyone is welcome and will find this session relatable and helpful.

In this masterclass you will…

  • Be reminded of the importance of the basics and how vital they are in your manifestation journey
  • Be shown a powerful personal meditation that will help you connect to the divine and receive intuition
  • Be shown how to connect to your angels, spirit guides and the universe for guidance and support
  • Be shown resources, unique tools and proven methods that will help you regain clarity on your manifestations and spiritual practices
  • Be shown the best and simplest ways to manifest, and the importance of spirituality surrendering
  • Also, be given the opportunity to gain guidance on your own personal situations by asking me questions

Join me from the comfort of your own home for inspiration, a boost to your vibration, clarity and my proven methods for the first time outside my private life coaching sessions. I will also teach you the essentials of living a Spiritual Queen life.

As part of the purchase, you will receive attendance to the live session, in which I will show you my incredible meditation that has lead me to manifest and predict so much in my own life. I will also be answering all of your personal questions so please do think about what you’d like specific help with before the session. As always if you feel you’d like a more private session with me 1:1 then you can get in touch with me via my life coaching page.

The important stuff

Sessions are non-refundable once purchased. Payment will be collected by Stripe which is a very safe payment platform to use (I use this on my blog shop). If you have any other queries at all, then please do email me at – [email protected]. Once you have purchased your entry to the session you will receive an email receipt with your own personal link to access the session. My full privacy policy and terms & conditions can be viewed here.