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Emma Mumford a.k.a Spiritual Queen is an award-winning Life Coach, Blogger, YouTuber, Podcast Host, Speaker and Best-Selling Author

Spiritual Queen Emma Mumford

Spiritual Queen

Being a Queen comes with one big responsibility you must take charge of what you’re attracting into your life.

In this gripping best-selling book fused with self-help, memoir segments and kick-ass business advice, Emma takes you on a journey through her experience with the Law of Attraction and all of the queens she has been supporting.

“My book is ideal for any Spiritual Queen wanting to change their life this year. Whether your a complete newbie to the law of attraction scene or have been trying to manifest your dream life.”

So whether you want to share the word of the law of attraction and think this book could help someone as a gift or even as a gift to yourself my book will give you the kick-start you need this January to say YASSS to your dreams and bring them into your reality.

Positively Wealthy

Positively Wealthy is a spiritual yet practical guide to redefining your version of
wealth and inviting abundance to all areas of your life.

The book presents 33 daily challenges to shift your money and success mindset, offering spiritual guidance to radically improve your financial and emotional wellness.

In Positively Wealthy, Emma’s new age fresh approach to the Law of Attraction and spirituality empowers you with simple, practical, proven tools to help you gain clarity and control over your financial wellbeing.

Find out how to manifest abundance and find long-term fulfilment through Law of Attraction methods – in your bank balance, your career or even in your love life. This book will help you redefine what wealth truly means to you, and fearlessly manifest the life of your dreams. OUT JUNE 9TH!

Work with Emma 1-to-1 in her award-winning coaching sessions

Emma is a fully certified Life Coach & Mentor, Law of Attraction Advanced Practitioner & Reiki Master. Emma offers support in regards to the law of attraction, spirituality, business coaching, social media, author mentoring and general life coaching.

Emma works with clients all around the world to help them grow their businesses online and make an impact, manifest their dream lives and helps them to break through their blocks and limiting beliefs to be able to turn their dream life into an abundant reality. Emma has also recently been awarded ‘Highly Commended’ for the Soul & Spirit Magazine 2018 Awards ‘Most Inspiring Life Coach’.

Emma Mumford Life Coaching

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As well as her online content Emma hosts two annual events in person each year. The ‘Spiritual Queen Summit’ which is held in central London in February time and the ‘Spiritual Queen Retreat’ which is held in the beautiful Dorset countryside during the summer. Emma’s events include workshops from herself and special guests, she also speaks regualrly at other’s events and retreats within the UK. Emma’s ‘Spiritual Queen Summit’ has been recognised as a finalist in the Soul & Spirit Magazine Awards for ‘Best Retreat/Spiritual Workshop’ in the 2019 awards.

Spiritual Queen Summit Emma Mumford

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Law of Attraction Support Group

Make sure to join Emma’s FREE law of attraction support group over on Facebook to join a high-vibe community of like minded Spiritual Queen’s where we talk all things spirituality and positivity. Everyone is welcome to join the group and Emma posts inspiration and useful posts in the group daily.

Law of Attraction Merchandise

You can also shop Emma’s exclusive law of attraction merhcandise range created with her followers in mind. Her range is avaliable on her website store and Etsy and include – her journals, planners, calendars, candles, crystals, courses, meditations and her incredible 44-card deck the ‘Spiritual Queen Oracle Cards’.

Free Spiritual Queen Worksheet

Download Emma’s FREE weekly Spiritual Queen worksheet to keep you accountable and on track to successfully manifesting each week when you sign up to her newsletter. Full of helpful reminders, tools and advice this is the ultimate law of attraction reminder to have on your desk or in your journal.