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Hosted by award-winning life coach and mentor Emma Mumford. Find the perfect online programme or training for you and join us today Queen!

Live Courses

Starting on the 3rd June 2024

Manifestation Mini-Course

Attract, Alignment, Abundance is Emma's brand new signature manifestation course. Designed to help you unlock abundance, attract alignment and manifest your wildest dreams. This is Emma's first and only in-depth manifestation course designed to create HUGE shifts in your life straight away!

Starting again in 2024

Manifesting Rituals: End of Year Reset

A 10-day EXCLUSIVE podcast experience and toolkit. It’s time to wrap up 2023, reboot your manifestations, and walk into your most abundant year yet!



Law Of Attraction - Basics Bundle

A 52-page workbook and bundle designed to guide and get you manifesting instantly! A beginner bundle which includes a 35-min training video from Emma, a manifestation and clarity meditation and a in-depth 52-page PDF workbook.


Manifestation Membership

The Manifestation Membership is an online Spiritual Queen community run by Emma. Access exclusive monthly themes and topics each month to enhance your spiritual knowledge and let this amazing community be your accountability buddies. Complete with monthly calls, expert calls, meditations, workbooks, mantra's, videos plus much much more!


Align & Embody Abundance in 2022 Masterclass - Emma Mumford
Align & Embody Abundance In 2022

Are you looking to align with and embody abundance this month? Then this masterclass, designed to help you manifest your desires, is for you Spiritual Queen! Let Emma be your manifestation coach and show you how to manifest alignment and embodiment with your goals.

Stepping Into Your True Abundant Power Masterclass - Emma Mumford
Stepping into Your True Abundant Power Masterclass

This masterclass is for Spiritual Queen’s who are wanting to transform their abundance and confidence mindset and manifest their desires. Learn how to harness your true self-worth and confidence with Emma.

Master Your Money Mindset Masterclass by Emma Mumford
Master Your Money Mindset Masterclass

Be a Queen of your finances in 90 minutes! Learn how to manifest abundance and money with Emma. This masterclass is for Spiritual Queen’s who are wanting to transform their money mindset this month and manifest their financial goals.