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Manifesting Rituals by Emma Mumford


Get your hands on your very own 44-card deck and guidebook, providing all the practical tools and rituals you need to attract abundance in your career, finances, mindset, health and relationships.

‘Sacred Manifesting Rituals’ FREE 60-min webinar

To help you embody powerful rituals and manifest your dream life over the remainder of 2024
Mel Robbins
author of New York Times bestseller The 5 Second Rule

“Emma Mumford’s tools really work and will get you the manifestation results you want.”

Rebecca Campbell

“Emma Mumford is devoted to leading, inspiring, and encouraging women to step into who they truly are.”

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Soul & Spirit

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The Law of Attraction is the belief that we can attract anything we desire into our lives, without limits. These manifestation cards offer a simple yet effective way of connecting to the Universe and accessing the support you need to create real change in your life. Whether your concern is about romance, work, money, or even every-day decision making, these cards will help you get the answers you desire.

Are you ready to supercharge your manifesting powers?

It’s time to create consistency and abundance in all areas of your life.

Different from any other affirmation deck out there, these cards have been designed to help you go deeper into your manifestation practice so you can achieve the results you desire with ease.

Here’s what’s included:

How to use your manifesting  rituals card deck:

Step 1

Set aside some time each week, or even each day, to shuffle your cards, pan them out face down, and choose one that you feel called to

Step 2

Focus on the words of your card and repeat them out loud or silently to yourself

Step 3

Freewrite on your journaling prompt and use the suggested crystal to help supercharge your manifesting powers

The idea is to create a ritual that integrates seamlessly into your daily life so you can manifest your dream life into your current reality.

Yass Queen!

Manifesting your desires gets to be simple…

So much love, positive energy, and high vibes have gone into creating these cards and my wish for you is that they’ll guide you towards the life you’ve been dreaming about.

By actively seeking the answers you’re looking for and committing to this ritual, you’ll start to create space to welcome in abundance and joy in every area of your life. All it takes is to embody the energy of the cards and start manifesting your desires!

Hi, I’m Emma

Award-winning life coach, YouTuber, speaker, podcast host, 3x bestselling author, AND the UK’s leading Law of Attraction expert!

But it wasn’t always this way… Before transforming my own life, as well as helping hundreds of thousands of people turn their dream life into an abundant reality, I had fallen into a life of depression, burdened with someone else’s debt, and struggling to find my purpose. It came to a point where I felt like I’d tried everything and nothing was working…

Until I found the Law of Attraction.

It started with ‘The Secret’, then more books, and more researching, until I started delving deeper and deeper until I literally became my own best expert. Skip to today, I have over 700 hours of coaching experience, having helped thousands of amazing people worldwide achieve and manifest their goals over the last 5 years.

And now? It’s your turn to start welcoming in abundance and manifesting your desires quicker and easier than ever before!

The Queen behind
the Cards

Get access to my ‘Sacred Manifesting Rituals’ 60-min webinar

In this workshop, I’ll be sharing my top tips, tools, and practices to help you embody powerful rituals that will have you manifesting with ease for the remainder of 2023 and beyond. I’ll also show you how to get the most out of your card deck so you can finally experience all the abundance and joy you desire.

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You can also catch Emma at the upcoming Mind Body Soul Experience event in London (16th October 2023) for a live Manifesting Rituals Workshop. Click here for more info.

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