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Soul & Spirit Magazine

Emma talks to Soul & Spirit Magazine all about how she manifested her dream man who is also her twin flame. Emma also provides her top tips and advice on how readers can do this too in May’s 2018 edition.

Soul & Spirit Magazine

Emma speaks to Soul & Spirit magazine exclusively about how she found her purpose in life and how you too can find your unique calling in life featured in June’s 2018 edition.

Hay House Radio

Emma has appeared on Yasmin Boland’s Weekly Astrology show being interviewed about the Law of Attraction and Spirituality.

The Law Of

Emma shares her top 11 tips for removing negativity from your home and how to stay peaceful in your home and work environments.

Blogosphere Magazine

Emma was the lifestyle editor for Blogosphere magazine for July-October 2017. Emma shared her favourite blogs and wrote numerous articles sharing her top blogging and social media advice.

Emma has also appeared on ITV’s This Morning numerous times presenting her own money-saving slot when she was formally known as the UK’s Coupon Queen. Emma has also been featured on the BBC, Radio 2, Metro, Daily Mail, The Telegraph, The Sun, Talk Radio, Fabulous Magazine, Huffington Post, The Lady Magazine, Daily Express and the ITV News all regarding money-saving and Blogging.