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Hosted by bestselling author Emma Mumford

If you have a fiction or non-fiction book inside you that’s ready to be birthed this is the programme for you!

Emma Mumford is an award-winning life coach and mentor and bestselling author of her two books Spiritual Queen and Positively Wealthy. Emma has also mentored authors through her exclusive annual mentorship programme

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This programme is for budding authors who are wanting to take the next step with their book ideas and become a published author.

After the sell-out success of her first intake this year, Emma is back in 2021 to launch her second intake.

For the first time outside of Emma’s exclusive author mentorship she hosts annually. Emma will be coaching you over the next 6-weeks on how to write your book, pitch your book to publishers to get a book deal and how to market your book to become a bestseller along this process. Emma over the last three years of her author journey has gained industry knowledge by attending leading writer’s workshops, from pitching her own self-help books to numerous wellness publishers, from having hybrid and traditional book deal’s with publishers and by mentoring authors 1-to-1 along their writing and publishing journey too. 

We all want to leave a legacy in this lifetime is yours writing a book?

Right now more soul led authors are stepping forward to share their message with the world and Emma wants to help you get your book baby out into the world to inspire and help others along their journey using her proven methods and advice.

Over the next six weeks you’ll be working closely with Emma in a group coaching setting for the first time outside of her 1-to-1 author mentoring. Whether you know exactly what your book baby is going to look like already or if you just have the calling to write a book at the moment. This programme will help you nurture and grow those ideas into a bestselling book idea. You’ll be taken through the steps from structuring and writing your book through to getting a book deal and marketing it to become a thriving success for you. Emma will also discuss what options are right for you in regards to self-publishing, traditional publishing and hybrid publishing. They’ll of course also be some useful business tips in the programme on how to grow your platforms ahead of the launch to really appeal to book publishers.

If you have any questions about the programme that haven’t been answered below then you can always email any to – [email protected] and Emma will be happy to answer them for you!

Over the 6-week programme (starting on the 1st March 2021) you’ll have lots of exciting content coming your way! The three 90-minute masterclass sessions will be held at 7PM GMT on the…

Session 1 (Writing) – 3rd March 2021 – 7pm GMT

Session 2 (Pitching) 17th March 2021 – 7pm GMT

Session 3 (Marketing) 31st March 2021 – 7pm BST

If you miss any of the live sessions then you’ll be able to watch them via replay at any point. You’ll also in-between live masterclasses be sent one video a week from our industry experts and publishers.

  • 3x 90-minute LIVE masterclasses with Emma on Writing, Pitching & Marketing Your Book with opportunities for your questions (replays available upon request)
  • The EXCLUSIVE opportunity to be introduced and pitch your book proposal directly to our bonus feature publishing houses! (which is not offered anywhere else)
  • 3x extra BONUS videos and content from leading publishing houses on how to pitch your book and what they're looking for.
  • Workbooks after each 90-minute masterclass with notes from the session.
  • A digital certificate upon successful completion of the course.
  • An exclusive Facebook group that you'll have lifetime access to where you'll be able to support one another and receive Emma's extra support too!

Our bonus publishing house features...

Anya hayes

Commissioning Editor at Watkins Publishing & Author. Anya is our traditional publishing expert.


CEO of Book Publishing Company ‘That Guy’s House’ & Author. Sean is our Hybrid publishing expert.

George Lizos

Bestselling author and our Self-publishing expert. George previously worked for Hay House UK.

Is your non-fiction or fiction book ready to be birthed? Are you ready to take the next steps and share your story with the world? If so this is the programme for you…

6-Week Programme

£ 497 (Earlybird ends 21/02/21)
  • Only 30 spaces available to keep things intimate and focused on you
  • Over £1,030 worth of content from Emma alone and the opportunity to pitch directly to two leading publishers and their advice = priceless!
  • Work with Emma in her exclusive author programme to birth and publish your bestselling book!
29 spots left

what my previous authors are saying...

I had the pleasure of being mentored by Emma through the process of writing my first book. Not only was she a wonderful support through this process, but she also went above and beyond working with me through my rebrand and the building of my social media platforms. She offered me tons of practical heart-centered advice on marketing and building my following, which has more than tripled since working with her. The tips, tools, and techniques she has shared with me have been invaluable in building my business.  Above all else what I enjoyed most about working with Emma is the space of authenticity and integrity she works from, always speaking from a place of honesty. I knew from our first session that I could 100% trust her guidance and support. I highly recommend Emma across the board. She knows her stuff!”

Kelly Bramblett

I worked with Emma in her author mentoring program and she has added SO much value – not only to my book but also to my business. Emma is meticulously thorough in her approach to mentoring, ensuring every aspect of birthing a successful book baby is covered. And, as a bestselling author herself, she knows the process and industry inside and out. Highly recommended! 

Jen Clements

Emma is such a delight to work with.  She brings a mix of credible knowledge and vision to her work with an openness to sharing her own experiences that vastly enriches her coaching sessions. She is the epitome of a professional with a heartfelt authentic demeanour that is a winning combination.  She is welcoming and friendly and is a savvy guide and aide to your professional concerns and dilemmas.  I highly recommend working with her – she will help you reach your goals.

Trish Ottone

What to expect in the 6-week Author Programme!


Join Emma today and turn your dream ideas into an abundant bestselling book!

A: YASS Queen! Emma’s advice and expertise covers fiction and non-fiction books. Your book doesn’t have to be about spirituality or self-help either her advice is relevant to any book genre.

A: This programme is open to anyone from around the world. The publishing houses both have numerous authors from around the globe so can equally receive your proposal regardless of your location.

A: Once you’ve completed the 6-week programme you’ll be invited to send your completed proposal (which you’ll be taught how to create by Emma) to Emma personally. She will then put you in touch with the desired publisher (Watkins or That Guy’s House) directly if she feels the pitch is complete and appropriate for the publisher. You won’t receive feedback on this proposal but Emma may make small suggestions on what to tweak if she feels it’s not ready to send yet. There is no time limit on this opportunity just email Emma when you’re ready!

A: Once you’ve completed the checkout you’ll receive a confirmation email of your purchase. You’ll then receive an email from Emma inviting you to the Facebook group and any other useful information. You’ll then be sent the Zoom link to our three live sessions a day before the session.

A: Don’t worry all the live sessions will be recorded so you can watch the replay back at any time! 

A: There are sadly no refunds provided for this programme or any of the coaching work that Emma does, as we are looking to work with authors who are serious about their journey and working on their book. 

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