Emma is a fully certified Life CoachLaw of Attraction Advanced Practitioner, Reiki Master & EFT Practitoner. Emma offers support in regards to the Law of Attraction, spirituality, running a successful business, social media, author mentoring and general life coaching. Emma is now taking on more clients over the next months, so if you’re wanting to change your life and are feeling in a rut, let Emma help to break through your blocks and aid you in manifesting your dreams! Emma has also recently been awarded ‘Highly Commended’ for the Soul & Spirit Magazine 2018 Awards ‘Most Inspiring Life Coach’.

Emma started her journey back in 2013 whilst working as a banking manager in a well known UK bank. After finding couponing in her hour of need thanks to her ex-partner leaving her with his £7k debt – Emma then set up the nationally popular brand ‘Extreme Couponing and Deals UK LTD’ back in 2013 to help people get out debt and save money on their everyday purchases. She became known across the press as the UK’s ‘Coupon Queen’ and had a regular presenting slot on ITV’s ‘This Morning’. Emma built ‘Extreme Couponing and Deals UK’ up to a brand with over half a million followers across her platforms and it became the second biggest money-saving site in the UK over the six years Emma ran it. Emma finally sold this business in 2018 to focus on her spiritual and coaching business full-time that you see today!

In 2016, Emma underwent her spiritual awakening after another bad break-up and after suffering with severe depression. Emma knew that her calling in life was to move away from her money-saving roots and grow into the personal development world to help people manifest their dream lives and feel happy again.

Emma works with clients all around the world to help them grow their businesses online and make an impact, manifest their dream lives and helps them to break through their blocks and limiting beliefs to be able to turn their dream life into an abundant reality.

Emma Mumford Life Coaching

Option 1.

Life Coaching


Our online sessions are one hour long and cost £65, these sessions can be fully flexible with your schedule. I hold these via Skype (audio), and my clients normally like one session every other week. This is not essential, it’s completely up to you how often you’d like them and how many you feel you need. There are no commitments and you can come back whenever you need to.

The main structure of my sessions consists of…

  • Breaking through your blocks and limiting beliefs, addressing and solving these.
  • Providing you with resources, practises and tools to aid you in your journey
  • Goal setting and accountability as well as affirmations.
  • A daily practise that will be created with you to set you up for success

Option 2.

Business Coaching


I also help new and established businesses launch and take their business to new heights. Through social media, branding and product coaching I can help you get your brand noticed and help bring your dreams into reality. These sessions again cost £65 per hour and are held via Skype (audio).

The main structure of my sessions consists of…

  • Set a solid business plan and establish what areas you would like to improve in your brand
  • Learn how to get your brand noticed by influencers, press and grow your social media following.
  • Learn my proven tools and techniques for growing two successful six-figure online businesses and how to become self-employed full-time.


Option 3.

Author Mentoring


I also help aspiring authors create and write the perfect book proposal to send book publishers and literary agents. I can also help you to understand how the publishing world works and the process you will follow to get your book out into the world. These sessions again cost £65 per hour and are held via Skype (audio).

In these sessions, we will…

  • Create and perfect your book concept, ideas and turn this into a professional book proposal that you can send to publishers and literary agents
  • Learn how to structure, write and complete your book if you want to self-publish
  • Learn my proven tools and techniques for marketing your book and making it a best-seller once launched and how the publishing industry works – so that you can be in the best position possible to get a publishing deal.

As Seen In...

Areas we can focus on within our sessions…


Whether it’s learning about the Law of Attraction from scratch or developing your current spiritual knowledge. We can address your current blocks, belief systems as well growing your spiritual tool kit, practises and help manifest your dream life into an abudant sustainable reality.

Life Coaching

We can discuss any concerns relating to your personal and work life, relationships, emotions and even how these can tie into your spiritual practises and business if approproiate. We can work through your limiting beliefs, confidence issues or anything holding you back from living a happy abundant life currently.


We can also cover any concerns relating to your business or work life. Whether you’re about to start your new venture or are already established and want to take your brand to new heights. We can create a personalised statergy plan for your goals, press, social media and success.

Get In Touch

All of these sessions are completely free to address whatever you feel is important and we can even mix between life and business coaching if necessary. I work to what would be most beneficial for you. So if this sounds like what you’ve been looking for then please do get in touch to book a session with Emma!

What clients are saying about our sessions…

Incredible Stories

“Working with Emma is magical! I love how we can address so much together in our sessions and she really supports you with so many practical tools and tips you can take from your sessions and apply to your everyday life for massive upleveling + transformation! I’ve loved our time together, and the spiritual focus of the sessions has also helped me grow personally, professionally and spiritually in so many ways. For these reasons and more, Emma is definitely my go-to mentor, I’m super grateful for all the time we’ve had together and for any other sessions we may have in the future!”

Abbey Graham, North Carolina

“I knew instinctively from the off that working with Emma would be good for my work and good for me personally, and that has certainly been my experience so far.  I was looking for a Coach who could support me in the more traditional ways of setting goals and holding me to account and helping me stay on track, combined with a deeply spiritual approach and this is certainly one of Emma’s strong points!  She enables me to stay focused both on my work mission and my spiritual growth mission and the time and money I’ve invested so far have been well worth it.  Emma tunes in to everything I say and is able to offer gentle but honest guidance and advice, using her own experiences as a Coach, as a successful businesswoman and as a human being on a spiritual path.  Emma holds the space for me to create and live out a more expansive vision for my work.  I would certainly recommend Emma as a Coach and am very glad I found her for myself!”

Rebecca Kirk, Manchester

“Working with Emma has been incredible, she really is someone that inspires me a lot and being able to work with her on a one-to-one basis is a dream come true. I have absolutely loved every session we have shared together. Emma has helped me grow on so many levels in both my personal and business life. One of my favourite things is how interactive the sessions are. Emma is so supportive, she helps you get clear on what goals you want to focus on and always provides amazing tools to go away with this. I am beyond grateful for the time we have spent working together and highly recommend these sessions to anyone. Thank you so much Emma!”

Kelly M, Hertfordshire

“I have only been working with Emma for a few weeks, but I can already feel the massive change in my life. I came to her feeling overwhelmed and discouraged about certain aspects of my life, and with her help, I have already been able to take huge steps in the best direction for me. Emma is incredibly supportive and knowledgeable, holds me accountable, gives me honest feedback. We work on a number of things like relationships, money, and law of attraction. She is authentic and relatable, and I always feel amazing after our sessions. I am so grateful that I took the opportunity to work and grow with Emma! She is awesome!”

Katie Hooven, Pennsylvania

“I began working with Emma at a time of great transition in my life. Emma helped calm the whirlwind in my mind and focus me on each next concrete step in the progression of each of my goals. I have worked with Emma for several months now and find her to be very relatable and supportive. She has a non-judgemental style and is mature beyond her years. Her advice and gentle guidance have been invaluable to me over the last 6 months. She takes a friendly yet professional approach and always holds you accountable for the goals you set yourself. She is very patient and has helped me to ground myself and build a strong foundation whilst embarking on achieving my goals. Emma was able to skillfully blend the art of coaching, accountability and simply offering new perspectives to think about.

“Emma is an amazing life coach and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone who wants to advance and progress in their life under the guidance of a great coach.”

Nadia Miller, UK