Meeting, Healing & Transforming with Your Inner Child

A 6-week programme hosted by award-winning life coach and mentor Emma Mumford

Emma Mumford is an award-winning life coach and mentor, best-selling author, speaker, and podcast host. Emma is a fully certified life coach, Inner Child & EFT practitioner, and an advanced Law of Attraction practitioner.

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This programme is for Spiritual Queen’s who are wanting to connect with their Inner Child, heal any past traumas, fears or limiting beliefs and manifest fun and joy back into their adult life.

For the first time outside of Emma’s private 1-to-1 coaching sessions. Emma will be coaching you in a group setting over the next 6-weeks on how you can meet and connect with your inner child, heal past trauma and limiting beliefs, how to identify these and clear the way to abundance in your life and also how to manifest with your Inner Child. Emma over the last four years of her spiritual journey has not only certified as an Inner Child practitioner but has also been on her own inner (shadow) journey to heal past fears, limiting beliefs and trauma. Since doing this Emma has been able to manifest joy and fun back into her life and her desires that felt stuck or blocked too. Emma feels that Inner Child work is the secret to living a fulfilled and happy life, free of negative self-talk and resistance which in turn allows you to clear the path to abundance and manifest your dream life.

We all want to lead a happy and abundant life and working with your Inner Child is the key to unlocking flow, joy, and ease in all areas...

Inner Child work isn’t just about healing trauma or negative memories from your childhood. There are so many benefits to reconnecting to your Inner Child such as – feeling more fun and joy in your adult life, being more creative, being able to easily identify blocks or resistance with your manifestations, and move through these easier.

Over the next six weeks, you’ll be working closely with Emma in a group coaching setting for the first time outside of her 1-to-1 life coaching sessions. Whether you already have an established connection with your Inner Child or have no idea how to connect with yours this programme will help you nurture and grow that relationship into a positive and abundant one. You’ll be taken through the steps to connect with your Inner Child and what our Inner Child really is. You’ll then be shown how you can start to identify what limiting beliefs or blocks could be there, stopping you from living your dream life right now. Emma will also be guiding healing meditations and helping you to dive into these beliefs and wounds to heal and release these over your six weeks together. You’ll be shown how to create more fun and joy in your adult life and how you can use this fun energy to manifest your desires. You’ll also be shown practical tools and methods to add to your spiritual toolkit to help clear resistance and negative beliefs, manifest abundance, and allow you to find peace and fulfilment with your Inner Child.

If you have any questions about the programme that hasn’t been answered below then you can always email any you might have to – [email protected] and Emma will be happy to answer them for you!

Over the 6-week programme (starting on the 5th October 2020) you’ll have lots of exciting content coming your way! The three 90-minute masterclass sessions will be held at 7PM BST & GMT on the…

Session 1 (Meeting) – 7th October 2020 – 7pm BST

Session 2 (Healing) 21st October 2020 – 7pm BST

Session 3 (Transforming) 4th November 2020 – 7pm GMT

If you miss any of the live sessions then you’ll be able to watch them via replay at any point. You’ll also in-between live coaching sessions be sent one workbook and meditation a week to give you extra support along our journey together.

  • 3x 90-minute LIVE masterclasses with Emma on Meeting, Healing & Transforming with your Inner Child.
  • 3x Accompanying meditations to guide you along your Inner Child journey which you can listen to any time and keep.
  • 3x In-depth workbooks sent to you during the 6-week programme full of coaching exercises, journaling, information and fun tasks and actions to keep you accountable over our time together.
  • PLUS extra bonuses throughout including an exclusive Inner Child playlist you can listen to at any time.
  • An exclusive Facebook group that you'll have lifetime access to where you'll be able to support one another and receive Emma's extra support too!

Are you ready to connect to your Inner Child and create a life full of joy and abundance? If so this is the programme for you…

6-Week Programme

£ 147
  • Only 30 spaces available to keep things intimate and focused on you
  • Over £473 worth of content from Emma!
  • This is an introductory price for the first intake and will be increasing next time.
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what my coaching clients are saying...

I was feeling stuck, anxious and overwhelmed in many areas of my life and after working with Emma for only a handful of sessions, I have gained enormous clarity, and my life has begun to shift in ways that I could have only dreamed of. Emma’s guidance is clear, honest and consistently helpful. She’s everything you could hope for in a life coach. If you want to make positive change in your life, then I can’t recommend her enough! 

Holly S (New Zealand)

Emma is an amazing coach, when I talk to her I feel like I am talking to my best friend, a really wise best friend that gives the best advice. I specifically wanted to learn more about Law of Attraction and Emma has helped me manifest so much more into my life by helping me focus on what I want and breaking down what I should be doing!

Anit K (Singapore)

I have only been working with Emma for a few weeks, but I can already feel massive changes in my life. I came to her feeling overwhelmed and discouraged about certain aspects of my life, and with her help, I have already been able to take huge steps in the best direction for me. I always feel amazing after our sessions! I am so grateful that I took the opportunity to work with Emma!

Katie H (United states)

What to expect in the 6-week Inner Child Joy Programme!


Join Emma today and turn your dream life into an abundant reality!

A: No, the course is open to anyone from around the world! We hold the group coaching sessions at (BST) British Summer Time & the last one will be (GMT) Greenwich Mean Time. So if you miss any you can catch the replay shortly afterwards.

A: Don’t worry all the live sessions will be recorded so you can watch the replay back at any time! 

A: Once you’ve completed the checkout you’ll receive a confirmation email of your purchase. You’ll then receive an email from Emma inviting you to the Facebook group and any other useful information. You’ll then be sent the Zoom link to our three live sessions a day before the session.

A: There are sadly no refunds provided for this programme or any of the coaching work that Emma does, as we are looking to work with Queen’s who are serious about their Inner Child journey and creating joy and abundance in their life!

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