Inner Child Joy

It’s time to meet, heal, and transform with your inner child so you can unlock your deepest desires, reconnect with yourself, and experience more magic in your life.

A 6-week self-paced programme hosted by award-winning life coach and mentor, Emma Mumford.

Emma Mumford is an award-winning life coach, 3x bestselling author, speaker, and host of the #1 spirituality podcast. Emma is a fully certified life coach, Inner Child & EFT practitioner, and an advanced Law of Attraction practitioner.

Start today and go at your own pace

If you’re ready to…

…I’d love to invite you to spend the next 6-weeks in my online course so you can meet and connect with your inner child, identify what’s stopping you from moving forward, and clear the path for abundance to flow into your life!

Why me?

Yes, I’m a certified Inner Child Practitioner, but I’ve also done the work. I’ve been where you are today. And I’ve spent the last few years on an inner (shadow) journey to heal past my own fears, limiting beliefs, and trauma.

No, it’s not been easy, but since working on this part of myself, I’ve been able to manifest an abundance of joy and fun back into my life - as well as my desires that previously felt blocked.

My belief? Inner Child work is the secret to living a happy and fulfilled life, free of negative self-talk and resistance, which allows you to clear the way to abundance and manifest your dream life.

What you need to know

But the thing is, Inner Child work isn’t just about healing trauma and negative memories from your childhood. It’s about so much more. It’s about experiencing more fun and joy in your adult life, feeling able to express yourself more authentically, being more creative and imaginative, and being able to identify blocks and resistance with your manifestations so you can move through these more easily.

During the next 6-weeks, you’ll be guided by me, Emma, to establish or nurture your connection with your inner child so you can grow that relationship into a positive and abundant one. You’ll learn what your Inner Child really is and you’ll be shown how to start to identify what limiting beliefs or blocks could be in the way of living your dream life right now.

But that’s not all…

You’ll be shown how to create more fun and joy in your adult life and most importantly, how you can use this fun energy to manifest your desires. AND I’ll be guiding you through healing meditations and helping you dive into old beliefs and fears via practical tools and methods you can add to your own spiritual toolkit, so you can heal, release, and find peace with your Inner Child.

If you have any questions about the programme that hasn't been answered below then you can always email any you might have to - [email protected] and Emma will be happy to answer them for you!


What's Included?

Here’s what your 6-week transformative journey will look like…

The best bit about this course? Everything can be done in your own time and there’s no expiry on the content, meaning you can work through it at your own pace and come back to the content at any point in the future if you'd like to revisit the course. You’ll also have access to our EXCLUSIVE private Facebook group to ask me and other members your questions, as well as update us all on your progress so we can cheer each other along!


Are you ready to connect to your Inner Child and create a life full of joy and abundance? If so this is the programme for you...

6-Week Programme

£ 197 Over £625 worth of content for only £197!​
  • Be coached by Emma in her exclusive Inner Child Joy course and recieve extra support via the Facebook group
What my previous Inner Child clients are saying...

“Emma’s Inner Child Joy course was a wonderful experience for me. She gently guided me through how to connect with and heal my inner child. This has really helped me to become more self-aware and find more success in all areas of my life, including having more fun! I highly recommend this as part of any personal growth journey, and to lift limiting blocks that could be holding you back.”

Sarah S.

“Inner child work is such a game-changer and doing this work with Emma has been incredible. This programme is an in-depth journey that will help you feel freer, lighter and more playful. Emma massively over delivers. Would highly recommend.”

Sarah C.

“I was feeling stuck, anxious and overwhelmed in many areas of my life and after working with Emma for only a handful of sessions, I have gained enormous clarity, and my life has begun to shift in ways that I could have only dreamed of. Emma’s guidance is clear, honest and consistently helpful. She’s everything you could hope for in a life coach. If you want to make positive change in your life, then I can’t recommend her enough!”

Holly S.

What to expect in the 6-week Inner Child Joy Programme!

Are you ready to come back home to yourself, reclaim your creative power, and find joy and magic in every part of your life?

Join me today and unlock a world of abundance!


A: No, the course is open to everyone and the content is accessible wherever you are in the world!

A: Don’t worry all the masterclasses are pre-recorded so you can enjoy the course content at your own leisure and pace.

A: Once you’ve completed the checkout you’ll receive a confirmation email of your purchase with 4x PDF workbooks to download (please download these onto a desktop/computer first) which include all the links and resources you’ll need to complete your 6-week Inner Child Joy course. Don’t forget to join the Facebook group also!

A: There are sadly no refunds provided for this digital programme or any of the coaching work that Emma does, as we are looking to work with Queens who are serious about their Inner Child journey and creating joy and abundance in their life!