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Welcome to the resources page for Positively Wealthy Queen! Here you can access the worksheets, resources and other useful information from the book to download and keep.

Positively Wealthy Resources Page

Thank you for purchasing my NEW book, I’m so excited that you’re reading this and are going to transform your version of wealth and start manifesting sustainable abundance into all areas of your life. I hope you are enjoying taking part in the #PositivelyWealthyChallenge. Inside of the book you’ll see numerous resources and worksheets featured throughout that you can either fill out in the book or download from this webpage to keep safe and use time and time again. Please make sure to keep these downloads safe on your computer so that you can print more in the future if need be. Please also be mindful of your printing/paper use.

Check In Worksheet

This worksheet is featured at the end of the book, use this worksheet at the beginning of the challenge to check in with how you feel currently and what you’d like to achieve by during the challenge. Finally use this again when you reach the end of the book to see how you got on!

Manifesting Worksheet

This worksheet is featured in the ‘Manifesting Regularly’ chapter and is designed to be used at the beginning of a new month to help you manifest regular work, personal and financial goals. Make sure to keep this worksheet safe so at the end of the month you can tick off all your manifestations!

Positively Wealthy Cheque

Positively Wealthy Cheque

This cheque is featured in the ‘Manifesting with the Moon Cycles’ chapter this cheque can be used on a New Moon to manifest money or at the start of a new month. You could even write your big financial goal on this cheque and keep this on your vision board or in your purse

Abundance Log

This is a BONUS worksheet which doesn’t feature in the book but I felt was a great added extra to your Positively Wealthy challenge. Each week add the money manifestations and abundance that comes to you throughout the challenge and surprise yourself with how abundant you truly are!

Positively wealthy

Meditation Playlist

You can also get Emma’s exclusive add-on to the book with over 80-minutes worth of healing and uplifting meditations inspired by practices within the book, for that extra helping hand in creating your Positively Wealthy life. You can buy this playlist exclusively from Emma’s website store and Etsy shop.

Emma will also be holding various events in London & Dorset for her book tour which will also include a workshop on the tools and practises featured in the book. Brewery Square, Dorset – 3rd April 2020 7pm-9pm

more from the book


You can use Emma’s exclusive GIF’s for the book on your Instagram stories and more (GIFY) just search Positively Wealthy to find them.


The Positively Wealthy journal is also coming soon! A 100-page undated accompanying journal to the book full of lists, journaling pages, activities and practices all designed to help transform your relationship with money and keep you accountable throughout the year.

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Make sure to tag Emma @iamemmamumford in your Positively Wealthy posts or stories of the challenge #PositivelyWealthy and if you spot the book instore then share your #WealthyShelfie to be featured!

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