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Congratulations on purchasing your copy of my new book! You can find your FREE Manifesting & Abundance meditation below to enjoy at your own convenience. Not long now until you’ll be enjoying your copy of the Positively Wealthy Journal!

Your Manifesting & Abundance Meditation

A big thank you for purchasing my NEW book The Positively Wealthy Journal, I hope you enjoy reading and filling out the journal over the next year. As promised because you’ve pre-ordered the book you can now access my Manifesting & Abundance meditation below. You can come back to this at any time and listen to it at your own convenience. Make sure that you won’t be disturbed during this meditation and please do keep me updated of how you feel afterwards and what abundance comes into your life…

About the Journal

An accompanying journal to the Amazon #1 best-selling Positively Wealthy book by Emma Mumford, packed with brand new tips and daily prompts to help you succeed with money and manifestation, offering spiritual guidance to radically improve your financial and mental wealth.

The journal is designed to be used over a year (undated) and includes monthly and weekly check-in pages to help you manifest money and abundance of all forms, organize and clearly set out budgets and help you to transform your relationship with your finances into a positive and grounded spiritual mindset.

There are journalling prompts throughout and space for you to free write,

  • Scripting exercises and coaching
  • Law of Attraction activities designed to help you set intentions and successfully manifest your desires.
  • Monthly money goals, budget and luxury budget setting.
  • Practical tools to help you achieve your financial goals
  • Journalling prompts around money/wealth
  • Weekly accountability pages with money and mindset check in.
  • Affirmation suggestions and pages for you to create their own
  • How to Mindfully Spend and incorporate a positive new language around your money and finances.
“This is a highly valuable, insightful and practical guidebook to help you develop an optimum mindset for manifesting wealth of all sorts into your life”
David R Hamilton
“Emma Mumford is devoted to leading, inspiring, and encouraging women to step into who they truly are.”
Rebecca Campbell
best selling hay house author

“Emma Mumford has amazing energy – she’ll go far!”

hay house author / astrologer

“Emma Mumford raises positive vibrations of anyone who reads or follows her. We’re proud to have her as part of the Soul & Spirit Family.”

Soul & Spirit Magazine
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Positively wealthy

Meditation Playlist

You can also get Emma’s exclusive add-on to the book with over 80-minutes worth of healing and uplifting meditations inspired by practices within the book for that extra helping hand in creating your Positively Wealthy life. You can buy this playlist exclusively from Emma’s website store and Etsy shop.


Emma will also be holding various events in London & Dorset for her book tour which will also include a workshop on the tools and practises featured in the book.

Brewery Square, Dorset – 11th September 7pm-9pm (Date TBC)

Resources for the Book

Inside the book are numerous worksheets and printables for you to fill out during the Positively Wealthy challenge.

Please submit your details to access the resources page and make sure to download the resources so you have access to them on your computer at any time. Please be mindful of your printing/paper use also.

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You can use Emma’s exclusive GIF’s for the book on your Instagram stories and more (GIFY) just search Positively Wealthy to find them.


Positively Wealthy is a spiritual yet practical guide to redefining your version of wealth and inviting abundance to all areas of your life.

The book presents 33 daily
challenges to shift your money and success mindset, offering spiritual guidance to radically improve your financial and emotional wellness.


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