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Manifesting Challenge 2024

With Emma Mumford, Spiritual Queen

Connect to your desires and supercharge your manifestations in 2024.

1st – 5th January 2024

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If you’re a big “HELL YASSSSS!” to all of the above and can’t wait to start attracting abundance during the 5 days, come join us! I can’t wait to see you there.

Hi,I'm Emma.
Law of Attraction Life Coach Emma Mumford

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Hi, I’m Emma - Award-winning life coach, podcast host, 3x bestselling author, speaker, youtuber AND the UK’s leading Law of Attraction expert!

But it wasn’t always this way… Before transforming my own life, as well as helping hundreds of thousands of people turn their dream life into an abundant reality, I had fallen into a life of depression, burdened with someone else’s debt, and struggling to find my purpose. It came to a point where I felt like I’d tried everything and nothing was working… Until I found the Law of Attraction. It started with ‘The Secret’, then more books, and more researching, until I started delving deeper and deeper until I literally became my own best expert. Skip to today, I have over 700 hours of coaching experience, having helped thousands of amazing people worldwide achieve and manifest their goals over the last 5 years.

And now? It’s your turn.

Let’s supercharge your manifestations!

5-day FREE Online Live Event 1st - 5th January 2024

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