5 Ways To Get Free Stuff From The Internet

5 Ways

Today, Colleen from Magic Freebies is guest Blogging on Freebies!

My name is Colleen and I hunt for free stuff at Magic Freebies. That’s right – you can get free stuff from the internet! You may be thinking, ‘why are companies giving away something for free?’ and the answer is simple, giving away freebies is the perfect way to raise awareness of a brand. Giving away a large number of free samples is a great way to get loads of free feedback on a new product. Here are my top tips on getting free stuff from the internet. I hope you enjoy reading them!

  1. Find Freebies on Facebook
    If you haven’t got a Facebook account then you might be missing out on all kinds of free stuff! Your favourite brands want to treat you to samples, fun competitions and fill you in on all the latest updates. Start by liking all your favourites and you’ll soon find out which companies like to promote with competitions and samples. Use Facebook wisely and make sure you click ‘Follow’ on the groups you join. This will mean you can see their posts in your newsfeed, so you’ll never miss a freebie!
  2. Get organised
    It’s time to get serious about Freebie Finding! Keep an online diary or writing in a notebook – this will help you keep track of all the brands you follow. You’ll quickly find certain companies like to repeat competitions and giveaways each month which means you’ll be one of the first Freebie Finders to enter a new competition or grab a free sample. If you end up entering lots of competitions, an online diary or notebook will help you keep track of closing dates which means you can be the first to see if you’ve won.
  3. Set up an e-mail account
    It’s a good idea to separate your personal e-mails with your Freebie Finding e-mails. This will not only help to make sure you don’t miss that party invitation, it will also mean you have a whole e-mail account dedicated to exciting promotions and freebie giveaways! Occasionally you will get special sample giveaways that are for first 100 people only, and you’ll be the first to know.
  4. Become a blogger
    Got something to say? Start a blog. We all like to read about other people’s lives – this is why soaps are so popular! Choose Blogger or WordPress and start writing about your life, the products you use and the places you go. If your blog starts to get popular, you could contact companies and ask to try out their products for free. Make sure you don’t sell the products you are given, and give genuine reviews. Nobody wants to read a sales pitch.
  5. Go Birthday Mad
    It’s your birthday and you can get freebies if you want to! Brands want you to remember they exist and your birthday is a great excuse for them to get in contact with you again. If you like a popular restaurant chain or drinking establishment, chances are they have an e-mail newsletter. Sign up well in advance and keep an eye out near your birthday – you’ll soon be offered free glasses of Prosecco and restaurant vouchers galore.If you like my tips, don’t forget to sign up to Magic Freebies UK for free stuff. Happy Freebie Finding!

Thanks Colleen! I hope you have picked up some great advice on Freebie’s today you can head to Magic Freebies to get all the latest freebies here.


Emma xx
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