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With Summer well and truly underway, it’s time to bare our pale skin in hopes of getting a summer glow. For me, this time of year is more me realising how pale I really am and how I still need to use fake tan during Summer. I first discovered Bondi Sands earlier this year and wanted to share with you why they are my favourite fake tanning range.

I am so pale naturally, while I do actually love my skin I really do look silly in the summer as I never get my legs out. So when it finally is dress weather my arms and upper half look like I have beautiful olive skin but my legs scream milk bottle! The only way I can get around this embarrassing colour mismatch is by using fake tan to ensure I have an all over glow. Because I am so pale I do find it hard to find a fake tan that doesn’t leave me streaky or looking like an Oompa Loompa. I find foams are the worst for me there is no gradual with them on my skin I’m either pale or tangoed! So when I first heard of Bondi Sands and how popular they were over in Australia, I thought it was worth a try and I was not disappointed…


Everyday Tanning Milk – £11.99

This is the first product in the Bondi Sands range I tried and I really love this tanning milk. It has a really nice coconut/tropical smell and doesn’t leave you smelling like a Biscoff either (result!). It is so easy to apply and is almost like a moisturiser. This is great for pale skin like mine as it leaves you with a streak-free gradual glow which you can build on. This is the first fake tan I’ve used where no matter how messily I apply it I’ve never had streaks. This is a great product for anyone looking for a subtle glow instead of the drastic colour change you get with other products.

Liquid Gold – £14.99

I then ventured onto the Liquid Gold and this became my number one fake tan product of all time! You need to apply this one with a mit, but this is such a time-saving product. You spray it on like a mist and rub in, you can easily see bits you missed so I haven’t had any accidents yet! I kid you not this dries in about 3 minutes, so no more standing around naked for half an hour waiting for your skin to dry. Again with all the Bondi Sands products they have a really nice coconut smell. The next day although this does make you a little darker than the milk, it looked really natural for me and again completely streak-free! The main reason I love this Liquid Gold so much is because it is so easy to apply, dries instantly and gives you fantastic golden results.

Self Tanning Foam – £14.99

This was a completely new product for me as I hadn’t tried the foams before. After so many disasters before I just tend to stay away from the foams. Also being sent the dark to try certainly left me feeling anxious about trying this. I tested it on a small patch of my skin and yes it’s not for me! I’m just way too pale for this. So if you are blessed with naturally darker skin this is the foam for you. Not only does it smell great, but if it’s as good as my favoutite products from Bondi Sands then you certainly won’t be disappointed with this foam.

Thank you to the lovely team at Bondi Sands for sending over my favourite Tanning Milk and the Foam to try. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! You can visit the Boots website here and view the Bondi Sands range.


Emma xx
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