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Freedom Makeup has been inspiring me on Instagram for some time now, I have received a few bits in subscription boxes before. Yet I’ve never really looked at the full range or the prices. Well didn’t I get a shock when I finally made my first order!

Freedom Makeup is currently being introduced into Superdrug stores which is super exciting as it means we get student discount and points! My local store hasn’t got any products yet so I think over the next few weeks we will start to see more pop-up. So why did I pick Freedom Makeup over all the other products I use? Well for a very simple fact the price…


Pro Glow Purr £3.50

Pro 32 Eye Collection (Innocent) £8

Pro Bare Lipstick 113 (Whispers) £1

Pro Contour Kit £3.50

Mono Eyeshadow (Smoulder) £1

Pro Conceal & Correct (Light) £1.50

Bronzed Pro Bronze (Shimmer Lights) £4

With these super affordable products it means more of us can experiment and get creative. With £1 a lipstick you really can’t go wrong! The eyeshadow palette excites me most, purely because it was only £8 and I now have 32 colours to play around with and create new looks with. I’m also interested to try the bronzed palette as I have never incorporated pink’s into a bronzer before so can’t wait to see what it turns out like. The concealer feels really creamy and has a great coverage which is perfect for my acne prone skin. I’m currently using ‘Rimmel London’s Wake Me Up’ concealer so I could save myself £4 each time if I stick to Freedom’s. Sometimes you really don’t have to splurge out on make-up to look and feel great for less.

You can buy Freedom Makeup products here.

I have been shortlisted to WIN 'Beauty Blogger Of The Year'

Emma xx
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