GHD Copper Luxe Styler Review

If any of you follow me on social media or even watch my Youtube channel, you will know that Copper is my life. I am currently re-decorating my office and once again everything I’m ordering is Copper. So when GHD launched their new Copper Luxe Styler range I knew all my prayers had been answered.GHD Copper Luxe Styler Review

GHD have been in my life from a young age, from my Mum introducing me to them and borrowing her’s I knew I would always own a pair. It was actually only last year I invested in my first pair I went for the Lagoon stylers as I loved the colours and wanted something a little different. Now I use them every day when curling my hair and couldn’t wait to incorporate this beautiful new Copper Styler into my life. The reason why I love curling with my GHD’s is because it is so easy, and they give me effortless curls that last all day. I personally don’t use them for straightening as I prefer my L’Oreal Steampods, but both get extensive use!

There are a few options to choose from in the new Copper Luxe range. You firstly have the pair I have here, they are the standard styler and come with a Nails Inc nail varnish and a heat proof carry bag. You can then upgrade your gift set to include the beautiful new GHD Copper Air which is the new hairdryer. You also have the GHD Platinum Copper Luxe Styler which has a more curved edge, this allows you to curl your hair easier and allow more control. Personally, I did look at the Platinum Styler but now I’ve seen the original styler in person I prefer the shape and design. Plus, they are the cheaper out of the two. So these work very similarly to my existing GHD’s, they take around twenty seconds to heat up and beep once at heat. I loved using these to create my signature curled look, and now I have shorter hair it takes even less time. Now I have a pair of GHD’s that match my home and my life!


GHD Copper Luxe Styler Review

You can get the GHD Copper Luxe Gift Set for £135 from John Lewis here complete with two year’s guarantee. A massive thank you to GHD for sending me this beautiful Copper Luxe Gift Set it really has made my copper dreams come true. Let me know your thoughts on the new copper luxe range in the comments below.GHD Copper Luxe Styler Review

Emma xx
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