How to become a student & get endless discounts for £12!

Sadly I never went to University, so I only benefited from student discount for two short years of sixth-form. Now that has all changed thanks to online courses and now you can join me in becoming a student (at any age) and benefit from endless discounts…

So what on earth am I talking about? Well, to apply for a NUS Student Card you don’t actually have to attend a University. By simply purchasing an online course with Shaw Academy you are officially classed as a student and can apply for a Student Discount Card. So why pay £12 just to get a few discounts? Well, let me show you what discounts you can get and how much I’ve saved in a week.

You can view the full list of NUS retailers here who offer discounts using your student discount card.

So what extra’s can you get which aren’t listed above, well in the 4 days since getting my card I have got;

– £5 off London Zoo Tickets

– 10% OFF Paperchase

– 10% OFF New Look

– 10% OFF Superdrug

FREE Cheeseburger or Mcflurry at McDonald’s (when purchased with a meal)

– 10% OFF The Co-operative Food

– 10% OFF Cath Kidston (This is my favourite!)

– 15% OFF Ted Baker (In-Store)

So you can see how this NUS card can really benefit your spending in everyday life and can up your weekly savings when the coupons and deals run dry! I am so glad I found out this savvy way to become a student again and can’t wait to see how much I save over the year with my NUS Card.

For anyone looking to just become a student and get a NUS Student Card, you can apply to numerous FREE courses at Shaw Academy here. They are completely free to join, there is only a small charge (about £5) at the end of the diploma to sit the final test and get your certificate. You don’t have to complete the course but you might as well get a qualification while you’re at it!

Here are some simple steps to make sure you get your card:

1. Sign-up to a Shaw Academy course as mentioned above.

2. Register for a NUS Card here.

3. When they ask for the institution put ‘Shaw Academy’.

4. Follow the instructions, upload a picture and pay the £12.

5. Your all done! The card came really quickly for me (5 days).

Let me know if you have used these tips or know of any great savings to be made with a student discount card! I know I certainly won’t be paying full price again.

Emma xx
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This Post Has 8 Comments

  1. Kez

    LOVE IT!!!

  2. Christie O'Gorman

    Wow, I love you for this!
    My Student card has literally just ran out, it was for a course I was doing at work. I will definitely have to sign up to an e-course! Thank you!

  3. Collette

    My son who is a student gladly says to me do you need shopping out of the co-op and before he pays hands over his young scot card which also gets him his 10% discount

  4. Sara

    I did this last year. I actually signed up to a course I wanted then realised that you could get an NUS card and a few days later had an offer for a cheesecake course for £1 and so signed my sister up and got her a card. Mines running out soon so I’m going to have a look at courses to see if there are any I would like. Only annoying thing is some places want you to have signed up for a different student card and don’t accept NUS but most places accept it instore

  5. Terri

    Hi, I have tried this and it says that e-careers is an invalid place of study? Please help !

    1. Emma

      Hi Terri, try ecareers instead sometimes it doesn’t like the –

  6. Natalie

    Love this! Just signed up for the cooking class! Just wondering if there was anyways to get signed up to a course that lets you get a UniDays discount?

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