I’ve been a big fan of Makeup Revolution for a few years now, with absolutely beautiful products this affordable range has taken the UK by storm and I always find my local counter in Superdrug sold out of the latest relases. So this time I ordered directly from the TAM beauty website as they already have all the new products avaliable right now so no more waiting around!

I now use the Ultra Face Base Primer, Brow Pomade & Pro Fix in my everyday makeup routine, these three products have transformed my beauty regime over the last year and are such a bargain! The Ultra Face Base Primer is ideal for my skin, once I’ve applied my moistuiriser in the morning I apply this primer and it instantly gives me a smooth matte base to apply my foundation. I simply can’t get enough of this primer it’s truly the best I’ve ever used and I will keep buying it time and time again. Same with Brow Pomade, I found this about four months ago now and my brow game has certainly stepped up a gear, it allows me to effortlessly create the perfect brow, fill and sculpt into the perfect shape. So now onto the latest additions the Makeup Revolution family which seem to take inspiration from one of my favourite makeup brands Charlotte Tilbury…


Renaissance Lipstick – Classic, Greatest & Lifelong £4

After being disappointed by the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks, I instantly got excited for the Makeup Revolution dupes. At only £4 this is much more of an affordable way to try new lipsticks and hopefully find a new favourite shade. I went for Classic which is a bright red, Greatest which is a gorgeous nude colour and Lifelong which is a mix between red and pink. Although these aren’t matte, I have found a new favourite everyday lipstick in Greatest! I love all of the colours and it certainly helps that they have uploaded a swatch to the description so you know exactly what colours you’re getting before you buy.

Skin Kiss Highlighter – Ice Kiss & Peach Kiss £5

Now if you weren’t already sold on the packaging like I was you will be glad to know that these highlighters are simply divine. I was a bit uncertain going for the Ice Kiss as I felt it would be too pale for me, but it’s actually just right and leaves me with a glamorous shimmer, I do feel it’s a little too much shimmer for my everyday makeup but for a party these are perfect! The Peach Kiss will look fantastic once I have a bit of a tan, for my everyday makeup I much prefer the Renaissance Glow.


Renaissance Glow £8

Now being an owner of the Charlotte Tilbury Bronze & Glow palette at an eye watering £49, I got very excited when I saw that Makeup Revolution have created a dupe 83% cheaper! I swear by my Charlotte Tilbury palette so it was going to take a lot to impress me. I love the black packaging and the rose gold detailing, it also comes with a black dust bag. I don’t know what Makeup Revolution have put in the palette but it smells incredible! First I applied the sculpt to my cheekbones and jawline to add some defenition in comparison to the Charlotte Tilbury Bronze & Glow I feel the sculpt is a little lighter and I needed to add more to get a defined bronze glow. The highlight was spot on though I literally can’t tell the difference when I swatched them side by side, so I’m excited to continue to use this Renaissance Glow and see how I get on as it will save me so much money in the long run.


Renaissance Palette Day & Night £8

Last but certainly not least, we have the new Renaissance Pallete’s Day and Night. These are the perfect size palette’s for me which means it’s now even easier to transport these beauties around throughout the day or in your clutch in the evening. My favourite has to be the night palette just because I love shimmery tones. Although realistically the day palette is much more up my street and would be used more often, the nude tones perfectly compliment one another giving you a classic but defined look. I think more than anything I prefer having palette’s this size as you can easily transport them and they also make great Instagram photos!

You can visit the TAM beauty website here and view all of the latest releases from Makeup Revolution. As always please do let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. I hope you all have a fantastic week and have enjoyed reading about all these gorgeous new releases from Makeup Revolution!

Emma xx
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