This time last year I remember looking on Instagram and seeing some incredible Morrocan buildings located in Marrackech. Flying or a holiday was still a dream away, as I was overwhelmed with anxiety and stuck in my old life. I remember thinking ‘I will visit Marrakech’…

Fast forward to November this year, here I am manifesting like a boss and completely kicking all my old fears out the window. I had tried so hard to go on holiday this year but work or other things would always get in the way. I gave up on my manifestation of going away on holiday this year, and once again that’s when it happened! My great friend Jeyda who I’ve known for years now messaged me saying ‘Are you free 9th – 13th December?’ well to my surprise, my schedule was actually clear for once in my life. Everything worked out perfectly and I was booked to go to Marrakech that evening! So there I was all happy and excited to be going away and then it dawned on me I would be facing my biggest fear which had held me back for so long…flying.

As I expected I was so calm and relaxed on the flight, I kept meditating and repeating affirmations which I think really helped. ‘I am strong, I am calm, I am positive and I am safe’. I didn’t feel ill and the three hours passed really quickly. I am so proud of myself for facing every fear I once had and for overcoming such big hurdles to have an amazing holiday which I deprived myself of for so long. So here are my experiences of Marrackech and what we got up to.

My Marrakech Manifestation & Trip

What To Wear

Well it was a gorgeous twenty-two degree heat every single day which meant I got a tan (woohoo!). I mainly took clothes that covered my chest and shoulders. I read so many horror stories online about why you should cover up, I wanted to be respectful of their culture and not draw attention to myself. Jeyda took more strappy long dresses and to be honest we both got the same amount of inappropriate comments from men. Inside the hotel lots of women were in shorts, strappy tops even topless by the pool, so we felt much more comfortable in the hotel away from prying eyes.

My Marrakech Manifestation & Trip

The Hotel

I honestly couldn’t have been anymore happier with the hotel, we stayed at the Savoy in Marrackech and it was simply breathtaking. The staff were all so kind, attentive and really made our holiday magical. With stunning views and two grand swimming pools, there was always plenty to do and the food was also great.  They had a great spa but this was expensive, we ended up going elsewhere and really enjoying it. The suite we had was perfect, very spacious and was perfect for two friends sharing. Next door to the hotel was The Buddha Bar, the cocktails were amazing and a great evening full of entertainment. Also next to the hotel was a shopping mall and some great affordable restaurants. At night we felt very safe in the complex around the hotel and really loved how close everything was. We only took £150 with us as spending money each and this was more than enough for food, shopping and spending money for the trip.

My Marrakech Manifestation & Trip

Places To Visit

I felt four days was just perfect in Marrakech, there really isn’t much to do so I don’t think you would want any longer unless you ventured on the excursions. We were very lucky in the fact Jeyda had Morrocan friends who kindly showed us around and made sure we were safe. We both agreed had they not been there we would have been ripped off and probably followed in the souks. They made the trip so much more enjoyable and meant we could relax knowing they knew the language, places to go and how much things should cost. If you are planning on going I would suggest finding out if someone at the hotel can help you or suggest people who can show you around so you too can enjoy the experience. The Souks were great but we didn’t stay in there long, it was very busy and overwhelming and we had so many people trying to sell us things it got too much after a while. The main town was great to explore we came across Didi Spa where we had a Morrocan massage (the best massage I’ve ever had!). The staff were so lovely and made us feel so welcome. There is also a fantastic rooftop bar above the spa which was quiet and out of the way, again we loved this as we had a chance to relax and meet some great people. We also visited Menara Gardens which was free to enter and very close to our hotel, it was a great experience and would highly recommend as the buildings were so picturesque. Finally, we also visited El Badi Palace which is the ancient palace, it’s in ruins but a great way to experience their history and take some stunning photos.

We had such an incredible experience and really would recommend experiencing the Morrocan culture. We felt so safe and happy throughout the trip so it really taught me to not believe everything I read on the internet before hand. You can watch my full Marrackech vlog over on my Youtube channel from this Friday evening.

My Marrakech Manifestation & Trip

My Marrakech Manifestation & Trip

My Marrakech Manifestation & Trip

Emma xx
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