MeMeMe Cosmetics Autumn Haul

With Autumn finally settling in and the days getting colder, it’s time to get all excited about brining out those autumnal shades and change your make-up colours once again. MeMeMe cosmetics are a affordable make-up brand and I couldn’t help but have a browse in the sale and this is what I got!

IMG_3188Eye Inspire Catwalk Quad Collection £6.95

I love quad eyeshadow palette’s as for one it’s compact so it won’t take up too much room in your make-up bag and secondly they are easily bendable. It’s also great for matching your colours, I really like browny/gold shades and think they are the perfect autumn shade to match my hair, I like to go for more of a berry lip in the autumn and again gold tones suit this look really well.

Arch Angel Brow Gel £8.95

At the moment I use Benefit’s Browzings & eyeshadow to tame my bushy brows. They work great but I wish I could define them more like you see plastered over Instagram. I wanted to try a gel just to see how this would compare. It comes with a mascara like wand on one side with the brown gel, and a soft brush in the highlighter section. Once applied I felt it gave my brows too much colour and were very dark. It made them look more darkened rather than defined. The highlighter was great though and really lifted my brows up. For now I think I will continue to use my Benefit & eyeshadow as it seems to work and hopefully with practise I can start being more adventurous when shaping them.

Eye Sweep Precision Eye Definer £4.95

For someone who wears liquid eyeliner everyday a pen has become essential for me. It saves so much time and with practise you can become a pro very quickly! The Eye Precision Definer has a small nib so this is ideal for everyday wear and a subtle look. Personally I like a thicker nib, as it glides on easier and gives me the fuller line I love. So I’ve given this one to Mum as she only likes a subtle line and it’s easier for her to do. If you are looking for a thicker nib the one I use is the Eyeko London Fat Liquid Eyeliner.

Let me know if you use MeMeMe cosmetics in the comments below and your thoughts on their products. You can get a EXCLUSIVE 20% OFF using code: COUPONQUEEN and you can view the full make-up range here.

Emma xx
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