This week I received my copy of Stephanie Meyer’s latest book in the Twilight saga ‘Midnight Sun’. Although I hate reading fiction books (I’m a much more of a turn it into a film or TV show and I’ll love it kind of girl). Twilight will always hold a special place in my heart, the dedication in this new book from Stephanie spoke to me in volumes and even one of my incredible clients inspired me to write this blog post – so thank you.

In one of my client sessions this week this lovely lady who has achieved so much within our sessions in such a short time as well (hugely celebrating her) said at the end of our call “Emma I hope you realise how far you’ve come? Do you ever watch back your old videos and see how much you’ve grown?” At the time I laughed it off as the thought of watching my old YouTube videos makes me want to run and cringe! Then the very next day Stephanie’s book arrived and in the dedication, it reads “I hope that in the years that have passed, you’ve all found your dreams and that the reality of them was even better than you’d hoped”. When I read this it brought back a flood of memories from my teenage self who immersed herself in the Twilight saga, and all the hopes and dreams my teenage self had. Now twelve years on and as I approach my 27th year of life, I find myself reflecting on all that’s happened and the journey I continue to go along. I thought this might be a helpful reflection for some people who have been faced with big transformation in 2020 and who might be experiencing further awakenings along their spiritual journey.

When I first spiritually awakened I felt like that was it, the hard stuff was out of the way and life would be one big easy happily ever after. When a guest came on my podcast a while ago and said ‘We never stop awakening each year I meet a new version of myself’ at the time I never knew what this meant. Now over four years into this awakened life I’m understanding this more and more. I look at the awakenings I go through each year, the lessons, the divine assignments, and the up-leveling. At times it’s felt unbearable, it’s felt too much, it’s felt like I’m in that awakening all over again but each time I pass through it I feel more and more myself and free. Writing Positively Wealthy changed my life forever and certainly was the book I needed during 2018 and 2019. Now this year I’ve dived even deeper into my inner work and things have felt safe to surface and heal which I never knew where there. With Inner Child work, well that’s gone to a whole new level too. What I’m trying to say by this is, we are all works in progress and no one ever has their shit together 100% of the time – if they do it’s an Instagram filter!

I think we see a spiritual awakening as a one-off job done kind of vibe, which just isn’t true. We will continue to learn until our last breath here on Earth. We chose to come here and experience this life, learn our lessons, and help evolve the planet too (no pressure!). We have soul contracts, divine assignments all laid out in our path to experience, learn, and evolve with. Sometimes in the spiritual sphere especially in Law of Attraction ‘gurus’ give off the vibe that everything should be perfect and if you’re experiencing hardships or lessons you’ve manifested it and you’re just not as spiritual as they are. I’ve quite frankly heard a lot in my four short years here in this sphere, and it makes me laugh now. Life just isn’t that linear or simple I’m afraid. So my message with the blog post is to remind you, you’re right on track Queen and life will test just before it blesses you. Just before the next uplevelling you can expect to be pulled back like an arrow, it can feel like you are going backward but you never truly are. You’re completing that phase of life you’re in and then moving onto the next with a new sense of awareness, love, and abundance each time. This is the natural rhythm of the Universe and our cyclic nature. It’s why we have to adapt to change in an ever-changing world right now.

“I think we see a spiritual awakening as a one-off job done kind of vibe, which just isn’t true. We will continue to learn until our last breath here on Earth. We chose to come here and experience this life, learn our lessons, and help evolve the planet too (no pressure!). We have soul contracts, divine assignments all laid out in our path to experience, learn, and evolve with.”

So embrace the lessons, embrace the highs and lows because there are valuable lessons in them all that allow the highs to feel extra special. Through expanding my work into inner child work after doing my own over the last few years, I see how much I had suppressed and how much we all have conditioning from our childhood that limits us as adults. I feel like this year I’ve met the happiest version of myself yet (I say this every year) but this year it feels more genuine, and I’m sure I’ll say that next year too. One thing I see a lot in clients is a rush to ‘fix’ the blocks, the limiting beliefs, the issues whatever it is, but when you awaken you sign a lifelong contract of learning, of being the student and we’re all in this together. That doesn’t mean things can’t shift quickly for you they certainly can, but healing is not linear and what I’ve found from over fours years of my own shadow work now at different levels of course – is that it’s like a spiral. Things will come up so let them, things will heal so let them, things will make you smile so let them, things will feel good so let them, and things will manifest so let them.

Embrace whatever stage of life you’re in currently and enjoy the view Queen because this too shall pass, whether you’re in a stage of discovery or learning (feminine) or an outer, exploring and manifesting phase (masculine) every season serves a purpose and each day you get closer and closer to your bliss and to your manifestations. So to summarise what feels like an essay, yes Stephanie I did manifest and call in my dreams in the twelve years since I fell in love with the Twilight saga. At that point in my life, I had no idea of direction, what I would do or where I would end up. What did happen over those years were certainly tough at times but here and now feels really good. Here feels like home and even better than I imagined all those years ago. So celebrate yourself today Queen, look back on your journey so far and remember the dark nights always pass and the sun always shines again. We’re here for a lifetime not just a season (taken from Positively Wealthy) so make each season count. Next year you’ll be an even more evolved version of yourself so keep going. You’ve got this always xx

I hope this blog post has really served you. Don’t forget my NEW book Positively Wealthy is out now and available to buy worldwide! Positively Wealthy is a 33-day guide to manifesting sustainable wealth and abundance in all areas of your life. When you order a copy you can also get a FREE 90-minute Manifestation Masterclass worth £33 absolutely FREE on wealth and finding fulfillment in the now. You can find out more information on the book and how to order here. As always please do let me know your thoughts on this blog post in the comments section down below. I hope you have a safe and nurturing week whatever you’re up to and I’m sending you all lots of love xx

Emma xx
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