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Nivea has been such a skin success story with myself, from buying my first moisturiser at the age of 14 I have never looked back. So I’m going to show you the products that I have been using and abusing for many years and how they have improved my skin.

Nivea is a fantastic budget-friendly brand I love nothing more than going into Superdrug when Nivea is half price, getting 10% NUS discount on top and getting Superdrug points (Maybe that’s just me, but I do have a little dance of excitement). I still remember my Mum buying me my first Daily Essentials Moisturiser from Nivea when I had just started high school. I have admitted in previous posts about my lack of a skin care routine up until about 7 months ago. Nivea has been something throughout I just can’t change. I have tried ALL the expensive ‘amazing’ moisturisers yet every single time I still get more results from my £2.65 Nivea moisturiser! I understand everyone’s skin is completely different and some products just won’t suit you. I’m really lucky that my skin loves affordable products such as Nivea, and is also really low maintenance. Although I do like to splurge a little on Origins as there face masks are incredible! So let’s have a look at what I use…


Daily Essentials Double Effect Eye Make-Up Remover £2.39

I switched from Nivea’s other eye make-up remover to this one about 5 months ago now, although they are similar in price I do prefer this one. It does feel like it will be greasy on your skin, but it is so great at removing stubborn eye make-up and I feel leaves your eyes more hydrated than the other eye make-up remover. I love how it is both blue and clear but make sure to shake it before hand!

Daily Essentials Light Moisturising Day Cream £2.65

This wins my all-time best moisturiser award, it is great not only in the summer months but just the right amount of moisture in the winter also. It’s such a nice light moisturiser and a little does go a long way. I find myself having it for well over 6 months at at time which shows it really does last. I feel it has helped control my skin more and keeps my oil balances right so I rarely have breakouts now. Many say these sorts of moisturisers are more for younger skin which I would agree with. I think as my skin starts to age I will need to look at their Q10 range moisturiser.

Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle Serum Pearls £13.99

This is a new one for me sent by Nivea, I am only 22 but I do feel that wrinkles and aging skin will become a problem for me within the next few years. Some of my friends have been using anti-aging products since the age of 20. While I feel it’s important to delay the process as soon as possible, is my skin really ready for it? I love the yellow pearls I think this is such a eye-catching design plus it also looks fun! It comes out a yellow creme and smells floral in my opinion which is really nice, it feels bumpy at first as the pearls pop and is really cooling on your face once applied which is a big benefit in my eyes. It has left my skin feeling super soft and I can’t wait to keep using this and let you know how I get on.

Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle Energising Day Cream SPF 15 £9.99

Again another newbie to the collection, the fact is says ‘boosts tired, dull skin’ instantly pleases me as I can never get the dewy glow I so desire. It will be tough completely switching moisturisers after using the light moisturising day cream for so long, but I do need to start thinking about what products I can use in the long-run. The cream is a pinky coulour which is fab, there isn’t a strong scent in this one which I think is a bonus as you don’t want too many scents combining on your skin! It feels very light and silky when applying on the skin, and the smell starts to come out more. This must be the first time in a long time my skin has felt so smooth applying both the serum and moisturiser, I then went on to apply my make-up and these both were a great smooth base layer which I love!

Nivea Creme £1.99

This is such a classic, iconic moisturuiser all my family use this and I have some of these tins stashed in my bathroom. Such a simple, non-greasy moisturirser. I like to put this in my travel bag in case my skin get’s any itchy spells. This creme seems to be the only thing that helps my irritated skin. Although it is fragranced I don’t find this is a problem with my skin. This really is a product for all of the family!


Let me know in the comments below if you use Nivea products and what you would recommend 🙂

Emma xx
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