When OGX launch new products I always get excited. Christmas had certainly come early when the O2 range was delivered to my door. For the last four weeks, I’ve been putting the new gravity-defying and hydration range to the test and wanted to share my thoughts with you all!

If you’re a regular to my blog you will know OGX hold a special place in my heart. For the last year and a half, I’ve been using different OGX products to transform my hair into luscious locks. One thing I do find is that my hair gets used to the products easily so every three months or so I have to change to notice the benefits. The O2 range launched back in October and is designed especially for those with fine hair, so this really is a perfect match! I love having fine hair but it does often lack volume and that’s certainly one thing I struggle to overcome. Infused with Oxygen and Cloudberry Oil it all sounds very techy and claims to give fine hair a volumising lift and hydrate without stripping the hair of moisture.


The shampoo, conditioner & tonic retail for £6.99 each in Boots which is the going rate for OGX. I normally stock up when they have offers on or use my Boots card points to save some money. I do feel OGX is worth the £6.99 price tag and although it’s a middle of the price range brand. I feel it delivers such luxury results which you don’t see, even in the most expensive products. Since the cold weather has set in I’ve noticed my hair becoming drier and just lacking any kind of volume without a ton of product in. I’ve been using the full OGX O2 range for four weeks now and have seen some incredible results.

From the first wash I noticed when blow-drying my hair, it seemed to have more bounce and lift. When styling my hair I noticed my hair didn’t sit so flat and it actually made styling a bit easier. After a week or so I began to see my hair looking a little more hydrated and my ends not looking so dry. My hair felt and looked in so much better condition and with added volume. I still think the Coconut Water range from OGX is my favourite, I don’t think I could ever top that but I am certainly impressed with the O2 range and will stick at it until my hair get’s used to it and I need to change. You can view the full O2 range on the Boots website here. Thank you to OGX for sending me the new O2 range to try out and as always let me know your thoughts on OGX in the comments section below.

Emma xx
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