My First Pixi by Petra Make-Up Haul

Before about a week ago I had only ever seen Pixi by Petra as a skincare company, I’ve seen lot’s of bloggers reviews and thought it was about time I put them to the test and see if I like them.

After browsing the website I saw all the lovely make-up they had and felt that was a good place to start, I received my order pretty quick and love the items I got. So here is what I got…

Glow Tonic I got this free sample in a beauty box and thought I would include it as so many people rave about Glow Tonic! After giving it a quick sniff it smells in my opinion surgical which can be a tad off-putting but that is just me and my fussy ways. I applied it AM and PM after cleansing my face, once you get past the smell it feels firming and leaves your skin feeling soft. Don’t forget to use Toner & Moisturiser afterwards, on a make-up free day I couldn’t notice a massive difference. I would say my skin looked clearer and discolouration looked more evened out. When applying my make-up I noticed that it helped greatly with discolouration and covering up of my blemishes. It also gave a ‘glow’ to my skin throughout the day which I really like and you could really notice a difference. I think I’m going to use all my sample up and see how it sits on my skin for the next week or so. Glow Tonic retails for £18 so to win me over I would like to see consistent  results to what I’m seeing now. Let me know in the comments below if you have tried Glow Tonic and what your thoughts are? Mattelustre Lipstick I used to be afraid of matte lipsticks as I always have really dry lips anyway, since being converted to M.A.C’s matte lipsticks I have become more adventurous and love the results. I didn’t actually realise how pink this lipstick was it looked darker and more subtle on the images, after trying it on it does look gorgeous and it feels very moisturising also on your lips. Sadly, the colour is just too vivid for everyday wear so I think I’ll keep this for special events and fancy dress. At only £14 I would say it’s a great lipstick and I would love to try another everyday colour to compare as it did feel hydrating which is great for me. It’s also cheaper than M.A.C which is of course a bonus! Colour Correcting Powder Foundation (Shape & Shadow) So this powder is for contouring and creating the perfect sculptured look. I personally prefer powder contour kits as they sit better on my skin/foundation and I see the difference more. At £18 it is certainly not the cheapest powder out there, I used this with my Burberry Highlighting luminous pen. Highly recommend the Burberry pen if you haven’t tried it yet, only £25 which is affordable for Burberry and it is honestly the only highlighting product that actually gives me the dewy model glow that we all desire. The Pixi powder went great with this and blended well which is really good as I’m rubbish at blending e.t.c I like how easy it was to use and how effortlessly it glided on with my brush, but when it comes to running out I think I will stick to a cheaper alternative as I felt this was expensive for what it is. Mesmerising Mineral Palette (Copper Peach) This is my favourite product out of haul, I love a good autumnal coloured eyeshadow! I love the shimmery tones, I can’t wait to use this and create lots of fun looks. At £15 again I feel this is a little expensive for a eyeshadow palette, you do get  handy sponge brush which is always helpful for topping up your look on the go. Also I think the lovely colours and tones make up for the price also. Many of my friends use these and recommend them all the time so I’m hoping they look just as lovely on!

When I went on to the website a offer popped up for £3 off a £49 spend plus FREE delivery, so make sure to look out for that if you’re stocking up on Pixi goodies!

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Emma xx
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