You guys will know if you follow me on Instagram or YouTube that Rimmel London is my absolute favourite makeup brand. Since finding an affordable concealer and foundation that really suits my skin, I now wouldn’t use anything else. I’ve used the Match Perfection foundation and Wake Me Up concealer for nearly two years now and I still love them just as much as when I first discovered them. So I wanted to put my favourite Rimmel London products to the test against their new Lasting Finish range to see which products I prefer.

Wake Me Up Concealer Vs. Lasting Finish Breathable Concealer 

My Wake Me Up concealer is perfect for not only spot coverage and discolouration, but it’s also fantastic at hiding those dark under eye bags you get in the morning. I find this is an all round great brightening concealer and really makes my face feel fresh and vibrant in the morning. I do prefer a heavier foundation just as I’m quite acne prone, so it’s important to me that my concealer hides these blemishes. So when I tried the Lasting Finish Breathable concealer I did worry if it would be heavy enough to cover my skin imperfections. Upon application, it’s might lighter than the Wake Me Up concealer and it did take a few attempts to cover my discolouration and blemishes. The Lasting Finish concealer did leave my skin feeling soft and primed afterwards but if you are looking for a heavier coverage then the Wake Me Up concealer is definitely the concealer for you.


Match Perfection Foundation Vs. Lasting Finish Breathable Foundation

Next up were the foundations, again the Match Perfection foundation is for a heavier coverage and also has a pore blending effect. I love the matte glow this foundation gives me, and equally love that it’s also designed for 24hr moisture hydration. The Lasting Finish Breathable foundation is a medium coverage foundation. I liked the idea of breathable as sometimes when I get a bit hot or go for an impromptu run my make up comes straight off and I do sweat easier. I’m also used to a pump style foundation from Rimmel London, so I did enjoy trying this new style of foundation with a wand applicator. I don’t know why but upon application I was immediately drawn to the delightful smell that comes from this foundation. I’ve never known a foundation to have a fragrance it almost reminds of a coconut fragrance. The foundation did have a great coverage, it did feel breathable and I did sweat less but sadly it just didn’t give my blemishes a good enough coverage. So if you can wear lighter foundations the new Lasting Finish range would be perfect!

Lasting Finish By Kate Lipsticks

Although these lipsticks do look matte they have a slight shimmer to them upon application. I’m loving the colours and they did certainly add some flavour to my normal matte lipstick routine.  My favourite out of these three shades was Rossetto (48) as it’s a gorgeous 90s brown and it’s not a colour I would have picked for myself. The lipsticks do last well although I did have to re-apply after eating which wasn’t too much of a deal breaker for me.

Wonder’fully Real Mascara 

Last but certainly not least was this new mascara called Wonder’fully Real. It’s a black mascara with nylon fibres in to add more drama to your lashes. I’ve never had a fibre mascara before so I was interested to see how it would look on my naturally long lashes. I’m currently using a L’Oreal mascara, and as soon as I tried this Wonder’fully Real mascara I fell in love. It certainly did add drama to my lashes, it was really easy to apply and even after a few strokes the fibres really made my lashes stand out. For me, I would say this was more of an evening makeup look. Just because with all my other eye makeup it did look a little heavy for an everyday look. Either way, it’s a great mascara which not only adds volume but enhances each lash.

Thank you to Rimmel London for kindly sending me some of the new range to feature in this blog post. You can view the full Rimmel London makeup range here at Superdrug. Also please do let me know your favourite Rimmel London makeup in the comments below. I hope you all have an incredible week! xx


Emma xx
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