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With Valentine’s day around the corner River Island invited myself and other bloggers to their Marble Arch store’s Style Studio to experience the complimentary service and to have an evening of Valentine’s fun!

As you can imagine being invited to River Island’s Blogger events is a big deal (well for me anyway)! I’m still learning all the ways of being a blogger so I was jumping for joy when the invite arrived! When we arrived, River Island had kitted the Style Studio out full of Valentine’s goodies. They had even selected outfits for us to try which I thought was a really nice touch. So let me explain what the Style Studio is and how it can benefit you.

They have two Style Studio’s currently one in the Marble Arch London store and one in the Bullring Shopping Centre in Birmingham. You book your complementary slot online with one of the stylists, you can also select which type of appointment you would prefer as shown below. 37d1a3bad21c892d18b3c5a385c6b2b7

On the day you will be pampered and indulged in the studio by the lovely stylists who will cater to your clothing needs! I love this service purely because I struggle to keep up with the latest trends so if I had a special occasion it would be great to sit down, get updated and have someone finally show me what suits my body shape! It’s always good to get a second opinion on an outfit you’ve had your heart set on so again I would love someone to tell me the truth about how I look, rather than Mitch always saying ‘Yeah it looks okay’ and not paying attention. The best bit is this service is completely FREE! I could see this really working for Birthday’s as you can have an afternoon of luxury while being kitted out by top stylists. They also cater to everyone’s budgets whether it’s £50 or £500 so you don’t need to feel uncomfortable or that you’re wasting anyone’s time.

Untitled design (17)

Back to the event so after trying on our personalised outfits, there were games throughout the evening where we could win prizes. First of all was a trivia game answering general knowledge questions, even though I think we all used the greatness of Google our team didn’t win! The second game was a memory one, we had to memorise as many objects on the table as possible in 10 seconds, luckily my good memory came in handy for this one and I won a £50 voucher 🙂 Isn’t it funny how I can remember things like this so vividly but not anyone’s birthday’s or appointments whoops!

image2 (2)

All in all it was a fabulous evening full of food, prosecco and clothes (the best combination!) and next time I’m in London I will be using and abusing this free service to get some great fashion advice! Thanks for the invite River Island 🙂

You can visit the Style Studio’s website here and book your FREE appointment! IMG_4509

Emma xx
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  1. Amanda

    Argh, what a fab night, wish I could have been there. RI are so funky, I expect all their events are too! I’m trying out the Style Studio for sure! Love your pics!

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