The weather is certainly warming up finally, and in London last weekend I found myself needing a little body mist refresh throughout the day as it was very hot and sticky outside yuck! Luckily that day I was attending the Blogosphere magazine cafe event and So…? Fragrance happened to be there. I used to love So..? Fragrances back in my younger days, so I’m intrigued to see what products they have to offer and whether I feel they suit me now eight years later.


Unleash Your Style Eau De Parfum

At only £6.99 for 30ml, these budget friendly perfumes certainly sweeten the deal and mean you can collect the entire range without feeling guilty. Superdrug also have these perfumes currently on offer at £3.49 what’s not to love! The bottles have a simple but travel-friendly design, meaning they are not only great to pop in your handbag but also in your suitcase on your travels. I tried all three at the event but my personal favourites were Sheer Illusion & Dark Romance. Sheer Illusion is perfect for daytime wear and is a sensual blend of mandarin and bergamot which opens up the fragrance, progressing to a floral heart of rose and jasmine, before leaving you with a creamy sandalwood base. Simply, this perfume is light and musky which certainly smells like it should be worth more than £6.99! Dark Romance is a rich blend of bergamot, pink pepper and dark praline. While the flirty accords of violet and vanilla add a burst of sass. Dark Romance is my new favourite perfume, I can’t stop wearing it even in the daytime! I would say it’s more designed for the evening as it is heavy, but hey it smells bloomin’ great so why not wear it all day? I’ve been getting some great comments while wearing Dark Romance and when asked what perfume it is my friends have been shocked when I tell them it’s by So…?


New Body Mist Releases

So along with the new perfume launch, So…? have added seven delicious new scents to their iconic body mist range. Their fresh and easy to wear body mists were always a handbag must for me at school, but have I outgrown these body mists now? The seven new scents consist of Iced Melon, Pink Grapefruit, Rose Petals, Sparkling Tea, Musk, Vanilla and Fresh Floral. I was lucky enough to try them all at their stand last weekend, my favourites out of the new additions are Pink Grapefruit, Fresh Floral & Vanilla. I’m really surprised I liked the Vanilla fragrance as normally with products aimed at the teen market they can smell quite sickly but to my surprise, it smells great! In the Summer when it get’s really warm I tend not to wear perfume as I find it just doesn’t keep me smelling fresh throughout the day. I’ve been keeping Fresh Floral in my handbag this week and have found it’s a great booster throughout the day and it does smell as strong as a perfume. It’s cool, light and refreshing exactly what I need on a hot summer’s day. Fresh Floral is a beautiful blend of peach blossom and peony flowers which is probably why I love it so much, and it certainly doesn’t smell like it’s worth £3.99. Again, with Pink Grapefruit it smells like a very popular Victoria’s Secret fragrance which is great as the So..? fragrance is much cheaper and a much more convenient size.

You can visit the Superdrug website here and view all the new releases from So…?  Fragrance. A big thank you to the PR team for kindly supplying these great goody bags full of sweet treats at the Blogosphere magazine cafe. As always please do let me know your thoughts in the comments section below, and I hope you all have a fabulous Easter weekend!

Emma xx
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