Spectrum Collections – The Glam Clam

I first came across Spectrum Brushes over on Instagram last year. They have been featured absolutely everywhere, most beauty addicts will own these and like to show off their incredible design. I managed to try one of these brushes a few months back when they featured in a Birchbox, this was a great introduction to the brand and I’ve not looked back since.

After loving the brush featured in Birchbox, I stumbled upon the marble and rose gold brush launch and as you can imagine I couldn’t say no! I spent £34.99 on four brushes from the marble collection and this was certainly the most I’d ever spent on makeup brushes. I was really pleased with the design and quality and this is what led me onto to trying The Glam Clam!

Spectrum Collections - The Glam Clam

The Glam Clam retails for £59.99 which is more than what most would want to spend on makeup brushes but you do get ten brushes in the mermaid themed set. I love the colours of these brushes, great for any mermaid lover and I like using these more as they don’t look dirty so easily. When using my white brushes from the marble collection I feel inclined to wash them daily to keep up the white appearance! I must admit I did have to look up what each brush did as I’m such a newbie to using makeup brushes. Personally, I think I’d buy a smaller set next time as ten brushes is just too much for my makeup routine. For those of you who are beauty pro’s this set will appeal to you and you’ll probably find uses for all of them! I love the quality of these brushes and they feel super soft on my skin, I much prefer blending and applying my make up with these as it gives such a flawless look to my daily routine. Price wise this may seem excessive for just some pretty coloured brushes, but let’s remember Real Techniques Bold Metals collection can cost £23+ per brush!

You can visit the Spectrum Collections website here and view The Glam Clam! Thank you to the lovely PR team for sending these incredible brushes for me to try. Spectrum Collections - The Glam Clam

Emma xx
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