The Best Of 2014!

So It’s Christmas Eve Eve, and I’m starting to feel all festive! The Shopping is done, presents under the tree. I can finally put my feet up and relax.

After making this short montage of what’s happened this year it really got me thinking into how much money all of us have saved this year! If all of us just saved £100 this year with coupons, deals e.t.c that’s a whopping £8,611,100 we have saved as a page! WOW. Now I know we have all probably saved a lot more, but even that figure is amazing! So I want to thank you all for following me through 2014 and my journey. For reading all my Blogs, watching my Vlogs and all your kind support you have shown me. It really overwhelms me sometimes, the kind words and positivity you send to me. I love receiving letters and even just you all telling me how much you have saved brings a massive smile to my face, so please keep them coming! (Only Royal Mail Accepted). Our PO BOX Address is:

Emma Mumford

Extreme Couponing and Deals UK

BM 5884


So I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and let’s make 2015 even better and save even more money!




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