Over on my Instagram this week, I’ve been talking to you guys all about failure in business and what to do if you’re feeling in a rut or feel like you’re not progressing at the rate you feel you should be.

Most of the time when people compare their business to others they feel like they should be further ahead, they should have more followers and that everything should just magically take off and be a success from day one. I’m here to tell you this is ego fuelled comparison and isn’t true. When you see an ‘overnight’ success normally that person or business has actually been years in the making, it’s not always the case but it’s easy as an outsider to feel that they’ve instantly received that success and recognition when actually behind the scenes that person or business may have had 98 failures over the years before that one success.

What they don’t teach you in school, business or any of the training I’ve done over my years as an entrepreneur is how to prepare for failure. Really I hate the word failure because I see every set back as a redirection to what is really meant for me from the Universe. So as a starting point see failure and as an opportunity, an opportunity for something better and more aligned to come to you. Realistically you’re going to get setbacks in your business that’s also how life works, but just like in your personal life, you get back up and try again you don’t just give up. Mastering your talents and trade takes time, many are still surprised that I’ve been an entrepreneur for over eight years now and have had three very different businesses. Many look at my success now and I’ve even had people ask why I coach businesses to grow their brand and social media when I’ve only been running my spiritual/coaching business for two years. Now I try to make this all clear on my website but still, people very quickly make that judgement before reading that actually I’ve been consulting businesses and had various successful brands over the last six years and have even studied and qualified in social media marketing. I’ve had many ideas not work out in all three of my businesses and even in the future, I’m sure I will still. This is normal and this is how we find what is in alignment with our business and for our highest good.

“Realistically you’re going to get setbacks in your business that’s also how life works, but just like in your personal life, you get back up and try again you don’t just give up.”

This is the same for many businesses it takes years to gain the knowledge and expertise needed to really thrive in your trade. That’s not a bad thing either, we are all constantly learning and growing and this is key in business. Don’t get comfortable either challenge yourself to adapt and grow with your business as this can really hold businesses back too. There is a perfect time for you to thrive, for your business to take off and your services be a success. It’s so easy to get caught in a comparison trap and think that you’re behind or not good enough so look at that first of all.

The next thing I want to address is something I’ve heard a few times from my coaching clients that they’ve worked with other coaches and they’ve been promised a certain level of success, money or to make them an overnight success. Now, these are impossible to promise someone and it’s a certainty that the coach wasn’t an overnight success themselves. It takes time even energetically to align with your business, services and marketing and you have to learn it all too. Businesses that are overnight successes often can’t sustainably keep that success, you will often see them plummet soon afterwards as they weren’t prepared or they can’t cope with demand. Creating yourself a steady, consistent and sustainable company is how myself and many other successful businesses create their empire. So my message to you today is that 98 out of your 100 ideas probably won’t work and that’s okay because this all part of running a business and growing.

Sorry if this bursts someone’s bubble but running a successful business requires commitment, consistency and an get back up attitude. The appeal of running your own business is so high nowadays but realistically most won’t have the stamina to see it through. I was even reminded recently by some of my spiritual friends/peers who have similar businesses to myself that they have been studying and building their business over the last 8+ years also and it was their second or even third business like me. So don’t get disheartened if you’re not seeing the results you expected quite yet. Your time will come it always does but remember the day you plant the tree is not the day you get the fruit from the tree.

By being in the arena of your life or business means you’re showing up and that’s the secret to running a successful business. Showing up, being consistent, getting knocked down and then keep getting back up until it works out. Instead of focusing on the money or success side of your business, focus on how many smiles you can create through your service and when it’s meant to the Universe will reward you greatly.

I hope this blog has helped you to see that creating a successful business takes time and when it does really take off for you it will be so worth it and at the perfect time. Don’t be fooled by what people post on social media because everyone will talk about their successes, but will very rarely talk about the failures that happened before that success. As always please let me know your thoughts on this topic in the comments below and if you want to know any more information about my coaching you can find it all over on my coaching page here. I hope you have a great week whatever you’re up to and I’m sending you all lots of love xx 

Emma xx
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  1. Natalie

    Amazing, love this blog post! , totally spoke to me.

    1. Emma

      Thanks Natalie ❤️

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