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So once again Colleen from Magic Freebies will be taking over today’s Blog Post by bringing you the Top 5 Weird but Useful Freebies!

My name is Colleen and I hunt for free stuff every day at Magic Freebies. That’s right – you can get free stuff from the internet! I bet you’re thinking, ‘why are companies giving away something for free?’ and the answer this: giving away freebies is the perfect way to raise awareness of a product, both new and old. It’s also a chance for you to get feedback on them! Here are my top 5 weird (but useful) freebies…

Free Toothy Timer
If you’re a fan of freebies then it’s highly likely you’re a fan of saving money as well. I have great news for you – water companies want to help you save water and do so by giving away some pretty amazing water-saving devices. Depending on what water company you use, the freebies do vary, but I’ve seen some great items for kids such as a Toothy Timer which will help children brush for 2 minutes, and remind them to turn off the tap!

Free Krispy Kreme Doughnut
Did you know you can get a whole doughnut free from your local Krispy Kreme? You can get your hands on this weird (but incredibly delicious) freebie as soon as you’ve signed up to the Krispy Kreme newsletter and become a fan. As well as bagging your very own free Original Glazed doughnut, you’ll be kept up to date on any news from your favourite doughnut store.

Free Dosing Device
While you may not have ever exclaimed ‘I really need a Dosing Device!’ to your friends and family, you might find this freebie very useful. Persil are giving away free Dosing Devices and can be a welcome addition to your laundry routine. It’s up to you whether you choose a Dosing Ball, or Dosing Scoop. Either choice will result in you using the optimal dosage of washing powder or washing liquid for your wash.

Free Colour Catcher
Haven’t heard of a Colour Catcher? Maybe you should give it a go! The Colour Catcher is a sheet that prevents colour from running, which means you can chuck all your clothes into the washing machine, whatever colour they may be. Give this revolutionary sheet a try today.

Free Little Book of Champagne
This is a chance for you to find out loads of weird and interesting facts and stories about your favourite celebratory drink. It was created to mark Lanson’s 250th anniversary and it’s easy to get your free copy – just fill out a form.

If you like these, don’t forget to sign up to Magic Freebies UK for free stuff. Happy Freebie Finding!

You can visit Magic Freebies here and read my Blog post on the 5 most weird but useful Coupons/Deals!


Emma xx
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  1. Tasha

    Hi there! Just wanted to leave a comment saying thanks for the post!I am a member of magic freebies and love free stuff but have signed up for the colour catcher and the dosing device so many thanks for this! x

    1. Colleen

      Hi Tasha, HI and thanks very much for your comment, it’s good to hear from our Freebie Finders! Hope you enjoy your goodies.

  2. Emma

    Everyone loves a freebies whether it’s weird or not! Great to know the post has helped you x

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