Superdrug Optimum PhytoBrighter Review


Okay what am I on about? Over the past month I have been reviewing Superdrug’s hottest NEW Anti-ageing products. So is it worth all the hype?

I stumbled across this range one Saturday in Superdrug, I uploaded a picture to Instagram as I was so pleased. Then tons of you told me it had been reviewed in the Daily Mail and had shining reviews! This made me even more excited to give you a FULL review over the month. Many Bloggers give a quick review, so I wanted to tell you my journey with the Black moisturiser over the month. So it may seem alien to smother Black moisturiser on your face before applying your make-up? I thought the concept seemed weird too, yet the results have left me beaming literally…


They claim the effects will be:

Instantly – Skin tone look brighter & skin feels more moisturised.

After 1 week – Skin tone appears more evened out & skin looks noticeably more luminous.

After 4 weeks – The appearance of pigmentation and discolouration is noticeably minimised. The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles appear noticeably less visible.

So how did the moisturiser work for me? It is aimed at the 25+ market which yes being 21, seems a little extreme but my skin does need this pick me up already. Right from the first application it had me hooked.

Week 1 (3)My skin feels hydrated and fuller, I have noticed an added glow to my make-up free face. I’m rarely use moisturiser (I know I’m awful!) So my skin is reaping the rewards!

Week 1 (4)I have noticed this week, my skin has dried out a little to fix this I have added a little Garnier Hydrating Gel. This may be down to the cold snap of weather we have had. On a plus side my spots have reduced down ALOT and my skin looks less red and even.

Week 1 (5)This week has been a great week, my spots have reduced even more they are nearly gone! My skin feels even more firmer and radiant. My skin is hydrated again I have stopped using the extra hydration gel.

Week 1 (6)So, today is results day! Compared to how my skin used to look I can see noticeable differences. I can’t believe how much my spots and pigmentations have reduced over the weeks. I now want to moisturise every day as it makes me really excited to apply and have the firm radiant glow. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome and will certainly continue to use this fantastic Black moisturiser. At £12.99 it really is a winner in my eyes. It may not be the cheapest moisturiser on the market but it certainly is the best in my books!

You can purchase the Optimum PhytoBrighter Black Moisturiser here for £12.99 with FREE Click & Collect.

Let me know if you have tried Superdrug’s Optimum PhytoBrighter Triple Action Illuminating Black Moisturiser in the comments below 🙂


Emma xx
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  1. Simone

    Hello Emma, I bought yesterday and the first day I felt a lot of difference, I’m excited to see the results. thanks

    1. Emma

      Oh yay so glad hope it helps!

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