Yucoco Chocolate Review*

IMG_1621My favourite kind of reviews…Chocolate! Sadly, it’s not for me it’s for Mitch on Valentine’s Day but I can review how tempting it looks!

When Yucoco asked me to review they’re Valentine’s Day range I was thrilled! I have heard all about IMG_1623this brand so am excited to compare it to other leading brands. The website was really simple to use, very straight forward and prices are clear through all stages. Bars start from £4 without any toppings, I thought the bars would be smaller from the online pictures but they are a great size! Next was the toppings! Now I know exactly what I wanted but Mitch would be eating it not me 🙁 So I went for Flake, Rose Turkish Delight, After Eight’s, Love hearts & White chocolate drizzle. Luckily, the turkish delight doesn’t cover it all meaning I can have some! The checkout was really easy to use. I could customise the inside message (pictured) and even name the bar (EXCOUPUK Bar). IIMG_1624 think these features are great and really give it a personalised touch. It left me feeling excited to see how my marvellous creation would turn out, I felt like Willy Wonka!

So, two days later my parcel arrives, it was small enough to fit through the letterbox which is always a bonus. I love the Blue packaging it really feels and looks luxurious. The message inside is great and comes with the ingredients printed on the back. The Chocolate itself looks fantastic and so irresistible, I really wish I could taste test this for you all, but Mitch will kill me! I’ll let you all know Valentine’s Day how this Yucoco Bar tasted but I highly recommend the service and product. It’s a great surprise for any partner instead of your boring old box of chocolates!

So this bar would of cost me £9 which seems expensive for a bar certainly but can you really get this level of personalised chocolate on the high street certainly not! You don’t have to have 5 toppings like I did, a plain bar starts from £4. Best of all I’ve got you all an EXCLUSIVE Discount Code! USE CODE: justforyu2015 to get 10% OFF!


Let me know if you have tasted Yucoco before in the comments below, I would love to know your thoughts 🙂


Emma xx
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