New Look Glitch Success!


So today I had a very nice surprise drop through my letterbox. I have tried so many New Look glitches in the past which have always been cancelled so I didn’t have any hope this one would work but it did….

About 10pm the other night my phone started going mad everyone was telling me to get on New Look asap! IMG_1611To my surprise a £15 off a £15 spend code was live and being completely miss-used by us all, you had to pay delivery but at £3.95 it’s really not that bad! So the hunting began…what would I get? I wanted to get some spring pieces as I have so much winter wear at the moment. For my first order I settled on a mint green top with an interesting bottom half (RRP £12.99), a pair of big baby blue earrings to match (RRP £3.99) and I went for a pair of blue diamonte ballet shoes in royal blue these were in the sale for £3 (RRP £12). They only had wide fit left but I’ve learnt a sneaky trick if you buy a size smaller in wide fit I guarantee you they will fit! Problem Solved 🙂 My first order total came to: £23.97 including delivery with the code I only paid £8.97 not too bad! IMG_1617

For my second order I knew what I wanted, I has stumbled across this pin stripe blouse a few weeks back but not so much the price tag at £19.99 so off it popped into my basket and to the checkout. Before the coupon it was £23.98 and afterwards again £8.98 including delivery.IMG_1614

So once I had checked out I had realised everyone was saying it was no longer working meaning a 3rd order was sadly missed. The problem with glitches tehy are over before they’ve began you have to be so quick! I didn’t think for one minute all our orders would be honoured! I checked my account yesterday and it still said processing which didn’t look positive. So to receive these today proves you have to be in it to win it! So I hope you all got some fabulous bargains let me know in the comments below 🙂

RRP Total: £52.96

Paid: £17.95

A nice 66.2% Saving!



Emma xx
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