Whole lot of Savings Wednesday (16/09/14)

Firstly, apologies for not uploading the Cash Back vlog sooner, unfortunately my new iMac STILL hasn’t arrived, so am unable to edit or upload until it hopefully arrives tomorrow!

So today I went on another shopping adventure with Crazy Coupon Lady Anastasia, we didn’t plan to coupon but of course it happened! Here is my haul for today;


They have a great clearance on in store lots of items highly recommend a trip in, sadly Poole had already been attacked by bargain hunters so I only managed to get these Superdrug own Soft Silk Body Lotions and Nivea Lip Balms.

3x Superdrug Silk Body Lotions RRP £3 – £0.56 (Clearance +19p Discount for Multibuy)

2x Nivea SOS Lip Balms RRP £6.58 – £1.64 (Clearance)


2x Iphone 5 Photo Cases RRP £10  – £2 (Clearance)


2x Sanex Roll on’s RRP £3.78 – £0.80 (Reduced to 94p each + 50p off Sanex coupon + Boots advantage card 10% coupon off Deodorants)

6x Mum & Me Hand Gel’s RRP £8.70 – £1.32 (Reduced to 73p each + 50p off coupons from old Tesco gift packs)

Body Shop

1x Satsuma Shower Gel RRP £4 – £1 (£3 off Coupon from promotion in store, they were handing them out)


5x Yoo Moo Frozen Yoghurts RRP £7.50 – FREE PLUS £3.50 Overage (Coupon scans at £1.70 they were reduced to £1)

2x Nakd Bars RRP £1.50 – FREE PLUS £0.50 Overage (Coupon scans at 75p, Offer 2 for £1)

1x 9pk Toilet Roll £3.76 – FREE (Overage from above Coupons)

1x Febreeze Autumn Spray £3 – FREE (Manufacturers Coupon from complimenting)

Graze Box

Last but not least I received my FREE Graze Box today I have a few FREE Codes if you would like one message the Facebook page.

1x Graze Box RRP £3.99 – FREE

RRP Total: £55.81

Paid: £6.54

That’s a fab 88.3% Saving!

Coupons Used:

– Yoo Moo (FREE) – ENDED 50p off: https://excoupuk.com/shop/yoomoo/

– Nakd Bar (FREE) – ENDED

– Sanex (50p Off) https://excoupuk.com/shop/sanex/


Emma xx
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