PicStick Review*

So today I’m here to tell you all about the wonder of PicSticks.

PicSticks are high quality glossy photographic magnets. Each photo measures 50x65mm and is 0.7mm thick. They come in a grid of 9 photos that can be easily separated by tearing along the perforations or by bending and snapping.


They have a factory, located in England, uses state of the art digital processes to print your photos onto 200gsm art board, which is then fixed on to a magnetic backing. PicSticks are strong, child-friendly and magnetic, so can be stuck to any metal surface. You can of course affix them to other surfaces as you would any other photo. I am really excited to review these for you and want to share how cute these are!

So I uploaded all my snaps, you can do this through Facebook or Uploading files this was really easy to do and easy to navigate round. Once you have uploaded all 9 photos you can crop, flip and apply to the grid to make your photos look fab before printing. You then add to Basket and Checkout! How simple is that the whole process took no longer than 5 minutes, so painfree really!

2 days later Mr.Postie delivered my PicSticks package, it came in a normal thicker white envelope, inside was a piece of card to support the grid of magnets, also my lovely magnets even Elliot got his spot on the magnets! They were all attached together (as seen in the photo). These were easy to tear apart and stick on my Mum’s Fridge, Oh how she loves me now! Sadly they have been removed since from my Mum’s prestige Shabby Chic Decor, but I still love these and think they make great keep sakes which I can look at all the time. I think these are a great price for £9.50 just over £1 for each photo also you get FREE worldwide delivery included in this price.

So for all my lovely followers here is an EXCLUSIVE 25% off Code making these only £7.13 Delivered!

Use Code: EXCOUPUK at Checkout  Website:

I hope you all enjoyed my review, but don’t take my word on this, try PicSticks for yourself today!


Emma xx
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