You Beauty Discovery Box Review

So today I will be reviewing my FREEBIE box from You Beauty. It was an offer a few weeks ago I posted in which with a code you got a FREE box. Little did we all know they changed the T&C’s of the code and removed the cancel button so we all couldn’t cancel! There are a few ways to get around this so I have attached these at the bottom to help you.

I was really excited to receive this You Beauty box as I have never tried this Beauty Box before and it certainly is different to others! Firstly, it is cheaper at £6.95 (others retail for around £12-£15). You receive a lot less, but bigger samples. Another great benefit is each month they compile a great bundle of different branded items and you get to choose 2 items of your choice. Most other Subscription Beauty Boxes don’t have the option to select products of your choice, if they do it is for a premium price. The main benefit for this I feel is you always know what you are getting so you can control your box and your money. Simple, if you don’t like any products that month cancel.


Another, annoying factor of other other Beauty Boxes are if you do want to cancel you have to wait 30 days which means you get the crap box you don’t want. Odds will have it the next month will be the best box yet! I guess another way to look at this would be you can select 2 of the main products so you can choose what you would most prefer, rather than being forced with products which will end up in the back of your Beauty cabinet until next year. Personally, I would keep this subscription going purely for the flexibility and price. Let me know below by commenting what you thought of this box and whether you would keep your subscription up.

Pricing of the Products Included

Toni & Guy – Volume Plumping Whip RRP £6.99

Sanctuary Spa – White lily and damask rose Body Lotion 75ml RRP £5.50

Mavala – Mavadry Polish 5ml RRP £6.75

There were also 3 extra items including a make-up sponge and two Crabtree & Evelyn Teabags being samples these are hard to price so I won’t include these in the total pricing;

Total RRP: £19.24

Paid: FREE (Worth £6.95)

If you want the items, already use them or are just want an exciting new treat to try this is a great box to indulge yourself in. The products are full size and named brs

Many of you are having issues when cancelling this FREEBIE box, If the option to cancel has disappeared I suggest logging into your PayPal account and looking under Payment Manager you can remove the payment so they can’t take anymore. If you paid by Card log on to your Internet Banking or pop into your local branch and remove it as a regular payment.

Hope That Helps,


Emma xx
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