Too Early for Olaf?…

Normally I hate the C word, any mention before Bonfire Night and I would scream. Today is different, today I received my Olaf Christmas Jumper and I couldn’t be happier!

When Want That Dress asked me to review this Frozen inspired Jumper I thought why now? Surely, no one would buy these so early. How wrong am I these have been flying in an out of stock constantly since launching this week. PLUS with 20% off using code EXCOUPUK now is certainly the time to prepare for the big day. I put so much time throughout the year into saving money with gifts, decorations the lot so why not a Christmas Jumper? I’ll be honest I’ve never had one before… maybe it’s because of how horrific they used to be in my childhood back in the 90s, this has left a fashion scar on my opinion of Jumpers. I’m used to watching Christmas movies where they all receive Jumpers, which lack any kind of taste. So what makes these any different?


Well, apart from my love of Frozen I think the whole world has gone Frozen mad in recent months. With a lack of adult memorabilia, it’s refreshing to see a website selling Adult Frozen Jumpers. Personally, I love Olaf and think the Jumper is great it’s really warm and thick. It looks like it’s itchy, but honestly it is the most comfiest jumper I own. With his little 3d Button nose I think this Jumper is perfect for my Christmas wardrobe. It feels really durable so I have no doubt in my mind it will last for years to come. One downside is the sizing it is a little short on my arms and waist this is why I’ve rolled the sleeves up. I went for a size 8-10 and it is quite big on me I normally size at a 10. Sadly, you can only order a 8-10 or 12-14 at the moment, hopefully they will get bigger sizes if lot’s of people ask for them . If you look today they only have 8-10 in stock I believe you can register for stock updates  or if you like they’re Facebook page they normally post stock updates for us all.

So it costs £19.95 which seemed a little steep in my eyes, as I have seen Christmas Jumpers in Primark for £10-£12 they probably make you itch like mad so I’m glad this one is super soft! Also you are paying for Frozen goods so of course it will bump up the price. In Total plus delivery it comes to £22.90 but with our code it takes off £3.99 making it £18.91.

Use Code EXCOUPUK for an EXCLUSIVE 20% off this Olaf Jumper making it £18.91 Delivered. Website:


Emma xx
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