Does It Pay To Go Gluten-Free?

So what it the latest craze with Celebrity Diets? Juice Drinks…No. The latest craze is going Gluten-Free! So I’m looking at the pro’s and con’s of ditching Gluten and whether it really can beat the bulge.

Typically, people following a Gluten-Free diet is for medical purposes, moaning they had to stick these strict diets or they would be ill. Symptoms of Coeliac disease include bloating, loss of hair, skin conditions, fatigue also sudden lose of weight. Having suffered with extensive stomach problems last year I can vouch the extreme frustration in getting an accurate diagnoses. For months Doctors believed I simply had a Gluten sensitivity and advised to write a diary of foods that set me off and simply avoid these. This wasn’t very comforting when it was 85% off foods I brought in my weekly shop. It took over 3 months to get approved for a Coeliac blood test. So what was I meant to do in the meantime? Pay an extra 20%  on top of my weekly shop for a health condition which was hard to diagnose. I paid out in the end with help from Coupons.

So what do these Celebrities see in these Gluten-Free diets? Let’s take a look what’s on the menu for such stars as Miley Cyrus, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kim Kardashian who have all ditched Gluten!

On the gluten-free diet you can eat any naturally gluten-free foods, such as:

  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Rice
  • Potatoes
  • Lentils.


Sadly, unless you are diagnosed with Coeliac disease there are no options out there for help in buying Gluten-Free goods. To get diagnosed there are two ways a Coeliac blood test where you have to eat gluten for up to 3 weeks before the test, which can be discomforting if this is the cause. Secondly, you can have a Endoscopy (Biopsy) I had this done at my local Hospital under general anaesthetic. For me this was easier as I didn’t know what was happening and I could eat Gluten-Free food which helped me feel better in myself. The worse side effect of this sensitivity was the weight loss, how can I complain? Well, back then being a size 10/12 (11 stone) and dropping to a tiny size 8 (8 1/2 stone within in 2 weeks) was extremely scary. No clothes would fit, this caused the Doctors to worry as I never felt hungry my body was reacting to a reaction from Gluten. Eventually, after both tests they found I did just have a sensitivity to Gluten, although this didn’t help my financial situation it gave me peace of mind that I would get better. After another 6 months and my Stress/Anxiety calming down and clearing the debts. I can now eat anything without any problems. It’s scary what Stress can really do to you!

Personally, I can see why the Celeb’s are going mad for this diet it certainly does cut out all the crap, it also made me feel less bloated and full of energy after meals. This being said it certainly didn’t come cheap. So below are some ways you can save money being Coeliac, Gluten intolerant or if you wan to try the diet.

According to research, one in five of us now regularly buys Gluten-Free goods. This is despite the fact that only one percent of the population suffers from Coeliac disease an autoimmune disorder where your body can’t process Gluten. Today obtaining Gluten Free goods are easier as most Supermarkets now stock a Free-From range. This doesn’t mean it is any cheaper, in fact it’s almost a luxury to be Gluten-Free. Once, diagnosed you will be assessed on a points basis on how severe you Coeliac is, they will give you an order form in which you can order FREE food on prescription monthly using your designated points. The company the NHS use for Coeliac food prescriptions are Juvela (more info below).

FREE Gluten-Free Food Boxes 

These Freebies were a great help for me when deciding what brands suited my needs, although these are designed for newly diagnosed people with Coeliac. I would advise getting one if you haven’t been diagnosed but do have a sensitivity only to help you in deciding, and tasting the different options. Obviously, don’t register for one if you don’t suffer as it will stop them sending them to real sufferers.

Glutafin logo(1)  Register to get a FREE box sent to your house full of Gluten-Free goodies.


list-premium_2juvela1 Register to get a FREE Food box sent yo you, this is the brand the NHS use for Coeliac prescriptions.


Gluten-Free Coupons 

lacto   Lacto Free 50p OFF -(Yes these are dairy free but worth a try if it might be dairy setting you off).

amy Amy’s Kitchen – 50p Off (All Products Gluten Free)


Gluten-Free Brands

DS-gluten-freeDS Foods – These are in most Supermarkets (Also sign up for Coupons)

narinsNarins – These are in most Supermarkets

bfree B Free – These are in most Supermarkets

newburnNewburn Bakehouse – These are in most Supermarkets

tesco_biscuits_08_11Tesco Free From Range

genuisGenuis – These are in most Supermarkets

nakd_cocoa_delight_bar_35g_1000_6Nakd Products – These are in most Supermarkets and Online


Emma xx
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