Maui Moisture Body Care Range – Review

Maui Moisture Body Care Review

Last week OGX, Maui Moisture & London Surf Girls Club took myself and a few other bloggers to Croyde in Devon for a couple of days surfing and learning all about the brands!

Although we weren’t asked to feature any of the goodies we tried or the trip I wanted to share with you all this week my review of the NEW Maui Moisture Body Care Range! I was kindly sent a few bits from the Pineapple Papaya range a month or so ago and managed to try the full body care range while we were away. I’d been secretly loving Maui Moisture for months without really sharing this with you guys so I thought it was about time I share what all the fuss is about and introduce to OGX’s Vegan sister brand Maui Moisture.

Until a few months ago I had no idea OGX and Maui were sister companies, I’ve been using OGX’s shampoo and conditioner range for years (if you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know I really have been using them for the last four or more years!). When I started getting press samples through the post for Maui Moisture I was too loyal to my OGX love and didn’t know enough about the products or brand to really get excited. Fast forward to our trip last week we had a whole evening learning about the history of OGX which is really inspirational (well for me as an entrepreneur it is anyway!) and how Maui Moisture came to be.

Maui Moisture products really appeal to me and I know they will to you guys as well because it is the first range of its kind that is fully vegan and doesn’t cost a lot! They started off with shampoo’s and conditioner’s and have now launched a full body care range which I’m in love with. The body care range is made with 100% Aloe Juice as it’s base which is very unique! There are no mineral oils, no silicones, no SLS, no sulfate surfactants, no synthetic dyes, no ALES and no parabens included in their products which is a big hell Yass! Maui products are all fully vegan and are mixed with pure coconut water and pure aloe juice meaning there is a whole lot of natural goodness in each bottle. Maui’s tagline is ‘feel good about looking beautiful’ and you really can in many ways with the affordability, quality of the product and the ethical side also to this range.

The fragrance from the body care range I’ve been trying over the last few months is Pineapple Papaya which is designed for normal skin and is lightly hydrating. On the bottle, it explains how it refreshes, moisturises and balances skin using a fruity blend of papaya butter, a sweet blend of pineapple extract and a tropical blend of mango butter. So I think you can imagine the tropical delight within this range already! I’ve been using the body wash every day in the shower, the in-shower lotion for a weekly nourishing treat for my skin and the body jelly as a final moisturiser especially when shaving my legs. Using all three products together has been an absolute dream for my skin I adore the smell of the range and it’s been perfect for a tropical treat throughout the summer. The body jelly has to be my favourite from the range it has a cooling gel sensation and I can imagine would be a dream on sunburn as it feels nice and cooling when applied to the skin. It dries quickly and leaves your skin smelling fantastic and deeply hydrated. I’ve also noticed since using all three regularly with my shower routine that my skin itches less after shaving and in general, I don’t get dry skin as much as I used to which is an absolute winner for me!

Last week in Devon I also got to try and take home some of the new additions to the body care and hair care range which are the Volcanic Ash range and the Frangipani range. The Volcanic ash range is designed for rough, dull skin and smoothes, purify’s and restores skin. I feel this is like a good detoxifying range for your hair and skin. It has a blend of exotic volcanic ash, citrusy bergamot oil and tangy white ginger which actually smells really pleasant to my surprise! The other is my new favourite fragrance but to be honest they all smell divine – Frangipani which is designed to calm, soothe, nourish and make your skin glow! It has a blend of fragrant frangipani, exotic orchid extract and bright cypress oil. This one is a sweet-smelling one so if you like your sweet fragrances then Frangipani is for you!

Overall I’m so pleased I took the plunge and tried the new body care range because not only have I found an affordable, ethical range that doesn’t compromise on quality you genuinely can’t tell the difference between these and other non-vegan/ethical products on the market that use nasty chemicals in their products. I’m still to try the haircare range as I’ve been using up my OGX but if my skin feels this great I can’t wait to see what the shampoo and conditioner do for me too.

The full Maui Moisture range is available to buy at Boots which you can view here, it’s also on offer at the moment if you’re quick! Thank you to the lovely team at OGX & Maui Moisture for kindly gifting me these products to try and for taking us away also it was such as blast! As always let me know your thoughts in the comments section below and if you’ve tried Maui Moisture yet? I hope you all have a fantastic week whatever you’re up to and I’m sending you all lots of love xx

OGX Surfing Press Trip

Emma xx
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