With the autumn equinox fastly approaching on the 23rd September I wanted to share with you this week how the power of decluttering can really enhance your Spiritual Queen life and also how this connects with the energy surrounding autumn equinox.

With September comes the cooler air, darker evenings and a close to the masculine summer energy we’ve been experiencing since the summer solstice back in June. Autumn is my favourite time of year not only because of the fashion but because of the colours and energy in the air for me personally, it’s always a moving phrase in my life whether I psychically move house or something changes in my life autumn always brings about a positive movement for us all. This time of year is harvest season and this is a great time for reflecting over the summer, all of the rewards you’ve reaped from your hard work and giving gratitude for all you’ve achieved throughout the year so far. Remember harvest is all about the gratitude I even remember doing this practice in school by giving thanks to all the crops and food that has served us.

As we move into the autumn and winter we enter the darker months, the divine feminine months where things start to fall away and feel uncertain. You can actually positively use this energy to surrender and let go as we move into the autumn equinox and embrace this uncertainty – remember everything is always happening for our highest good and this can be a positive change too! When we make room in our life and let go of what no longer serves us we open up the door to new abundance and new energy. This is why I wanted to share with you this week why decluttering your life and home can be super powerful as the autumn equinox approaches.

The autumn equinox is all about letting go, shedding anything that’s no longer serving us and sowing new seeds for the rest of the year. Recently I’d been feeling a shift in energy an uncertain one as the air began to cool outside, I also found myself wanting to shed work that no longer filled me with joy, re-evaluate what I wanted to produce and work on in 2020 and even declutter my home. I’d done a massive clear out of my home in February but here that feeling was again to make even more room. To my surprise, I did find plenty of things I didn’t use or want anymore and gave these to friends or donated it to charity. It’s funny how I had naturally had all these urges to re-evaluate my energy, my focus and what I wanted to focus on the for the rest of year and then I had the conversation with my friend Hannah who explained ALL of these vibes related the autumn equinox which was only a week away.

“The autumn equinox is all about letting go, shedding anything that’s no longer serving us and sowing new seeds for the rest of the year”

I always find that when I have a big clear out of my home and my schedule/life I welcome in new positive energy and abundance whether that’s financial or a manifestation. I know I’m guilty and I’m sure many of you are for staying in habits or resisting change especially in my work when something works well I stick to it instead of working with trends and evolving. This resistant energy never creates space though and we all know how in the law of attraction when you welcome in space for your manifestation – it enters your life. So this is why I felt inspired to share this with you this week that this literally IS the perfect time to reorganise and declutter your life and home to open new doors and plant new seeds for the rest of the year. What can you let fall away now as we go into autumn?

Autumn is all about the leaves showing us how beautiful it is to let things fall away, this doesn’t need to be negative and can simply be old habits or energy that you’re no longer in alignment with to welcome in the new! As I said, at the beginning of this post surrendering to the uncertainty of autumn and moving into the darker nights and divine feminine energy encourages us to go within, put ourselves first and birth new ideas and creations. So what are you waiting for what can you declutter from your home, life and mind this week? What can you make space for this autumn equinox and feel grateful for? I’ve included a graphic also below which you can use as a ritual this week over the equinox.

So I hope this blog post has helped you to see the power of decluttering your life and how it can make space for abundance and new energy in your life. Try it and see for yourself the power of shifting stagnant energy and how good it feels in general, to have a clear out! As always please do let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. Don’t forget you can also download my FREE weekly manifesting worksheet designed to keep you accountable and successfully manifesting week in week out! I hope you all have a fantastic week whatever you’re up to and I’m sending you all lots of love and abundance xx

Autumn Equinox Practises - Emma Mumford


Emma xx
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  1. Sarah Jordan

    Hi Emma,

    Thank you for your wonderful self and giving back with your help and advice. I’m quite new to all this so still getting to grips with it all. The only thing I’m having problems with is downloading the manifestation worksheet? I’ve tried a few times but my screen just goes blank. Thank you once again. Sending love and light, Sarah x

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