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With the new Autumn energy settling in this week I’ve been evaluating my work and what I want to change moving forward. Spiritual book club for the last two years has been a feature over on my YouTube channel and while I enjoyed filming those videos I felt it was time for a shakeup in my routine. So from now on, I’m going back to one video a week over on my YouTube channel, posting a video on Instagram once a week, I’m stopping my monthly favourites videos after four and a half years and moving spiritual book club to a written format here on my blog.

With this new format instead of a new blog post each month highlighting one new book and a review of last month’s I’m going to do a spring, summer, autumn and winter edition. Where I focus on a couple of books I plan to read throughout that season and let you know my initial thoughts. This is much less pressure for me with my schedule and gives me the chance to enjoy books in my own time. Now that I’ve finished writing my second book I’m going to have more downtime as the winter months roll in to read and take time for myself. Now I won’t lie five books is a big goal for me to read by winter but heck I’ll try – this is what happens when all your favourite authors release books all in the same week! So without further ado, get yourself a peppermint tea (or hot drink of your choice), cosy up in a blanket and I hope you enjoy reading spiritual book club autumn edition!

Everything Is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo £14.99

Now I’m pretty sure this is Marie’s first book but don’t quote me on that! Since it’s release only a week ago ‘Everything Is Figureoutable’ is already a #1 New York Times bestseller and I’m hooked. As soon as I got my copy through the post from Penguin I thought right let’s give this a go! I’ve binge read about 50 odd pages already and I’m impressed! I love Marie’s humour and chatty nature throughout the book and yes there are some naughty words too! This book not only covers business but any life situation and how when you use Marie’s methods you can find a solution to every problem and transform it. Although this isn’t written as a ‘spiritual’ book more of a business book, Marie does reference a lot of spiritual terms which makes this book enjoyable and a page-turner for me, it’s great to learn more about her and what has lead her to become the global icon she is today. At the moment I’m reading about limiting beliefs and seeing as I’m only 50 odd pages in I’m so grateful for the shifts and realisations I’ve had already within the pages of this book. I’m really impressed with Marie’s book so far and to be honest I want to go and read some more already! You can purchase Marie’s book here…

Super Attractor by Gabrielle Bernstein £19.99

Now it’s no secret that I love Gabby’s work and have been a loyal supporter of her work over the last four years. The Universe Has Your Back came out in 2016 can you believe and it’s been a book I’ve read time and time again and recommended countless time to all of you guys. So when Gabby announced she was writing a book about the Law of Attraction I was like hell yass! I received Super Attractor today in the post from my Amazon pre-order and have already read the first chapter because I couldn’t wait! I really like the themes Gabby brings up in the book of being a manic manifestor and how we can release fears and blocks in the way of our manifestations. So far so good, and I’m almost certain I’m going to love this book because of how shifting and transformative her previous books have been in my life. You can purchase Gabby’s book here…

The Art of Making Memories by Meik Wiking £12.99

As you guys will know I’ve been a big fan of Meik’s work since my spiritual journey began. Two years ago when he released ‘The Little Book of Lykke’ Penguin invited me up to London to film a video with Meik interviewing him for my YouTube channel. Now two years on I’ve just recorded an episode for my podcast with Meik which will be out very soon, talking about all things memories and happy moments! Meik is a great soul and I’ve really enjoyed seeing his journey over the last three books he’s released. The latest book has a much easier title to pronounce (thank god!) and is about how to create and remember happy moments. I love the thought of this and once again I’ve already had a flick through as I’m a sucker for a picture book! In the book, you can expect tools, practices and suggestions on how we can all create more mindful moments that we can cherish throughout our lives and more importantly create more of (manifest) using this technique. It’s a great concept which really sparks joy with me and I can’t wait to dig in and read more, make sure to look out for Meik’s interview on my podcast soon as he provides even more golden advice on The Art of Making Memories. You can buy Meik’s book from here…

Over The Top by Jonathan Van Ness £20

Again this debut book by Jonathan from Netflix’s ‘Queer Eye’ isn’t an advertised spiritual book but I would class it as a self-help book in its own way. I’ve always loved Jonathan since watching him on the show and his sassy yass Queen style! Jonathan has recently announced that he is non-binary, as the pronouns in the book are ‘him’ I will use that here. Apologies Jonathan if that’s now changed! I’m super excited to dig into this book and learn about Jonathan’s journey and what has lead him to be the fierce hair icon and comedian we see today. As with all the fab five, they do have a very spiritual/positive outlook on life so I can’t wait to be inspired by Jonathan’s journey. You can buy Jonathan’s book from here…

Rising Strong by Brene Brown £12.99

Finally, on my list this Autumn is a birthday present from my dear friend Hannah. After loving Brene’s Netflix documentary and ‘Daring Greatly’ book, I’m thrilled to dive into ‘Rising Strong’ another one of her best-selling books. I love Brene’s outlook on life and her arena of life analogy it’s been imperative to my growth over the last year and I just freaking love her work in all honesty, so I have no doubt that I will thoroughly enjoy this book too. You can buy Brene’s book from here…

So as you can see I’ve got a lot of reading awaiting me over the next few months. I love reading, it honestly sets my soul on fire and is a great form of self-love too! I will let you guys know in my next spiritual book club how I got on with these books and what will be next on my reading list. As always please do let me know your thoughts on these books and your recommendations in the comments box below. Don’t forget you can also view ALL of my spiritual book recommendations here too! Thank you to Penguin for kindly sending me Marie and Meik’s books, the rest were purchased by myself or given to me as a birthday present. I hope you all have a great week whatever you’re up to and I’m sending you all lots of love xx

Emma xx
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