A question I often get asked over on my YouTube is ‘can you make more videos about what you’ve recently manifested’ or ‘what are you manifesting currently’. I won’t lie for a while I felt the pressure, a pressure to perform and to manifest to be able to serve and it all felt wrong. It was only when I realised the power of seeing that my life had become a checklist that I found true fulfilment. So this week I want to share with you my top tips and advice if your life has become one big checklist too!

When I first started my Law of Attraction journey four years ago I had big goals and big dreams I wanted to be happy, depression-free, manifest my dream man, a book deal, dream house, and money in my business. I did my vision board and within a year I manifested it all. Now over the last year, I’ve been focusing on a different kind of energy which has been to embrace my divine feminine more. This energy incubates her manifestations and flows rather than the forceful divine masculine energy I’m used to. This has been a great experiment for me to flow with life rather than force.

Which leads me onto my realisation, so at the beginning of the year as you’ll read in my new book Positively Wealthy (out April 2020) I had a big wake up from the Universe. I had manifested everything I’d ever wanted including selling my business and having life-changing money from this sale as well as all of the above. I had everything yet I was so unfilled I couldn’t work out why I never hit that ‘Wooo I manifested everything now let’s stop and enjoy the view – you’ve made it!’ moment. I never had that moment and I honestly thought I would. My life had become one big checklist and I questioned everything as I thought these things would make me happy, I’d feel on top of the world and they really didn’t. I was still the same Emma as before all of these things entered my life, I was just a more up-levelled version of myself and I didn’t crave the materialistic things as much. What I thought was my version of wealth and success wasn’t my version at all. But enough about that you have a whole book dedicated to this coming soon!

This realisation took me on a deep inner journey this year to find my true inner fulfilment and stop making my life one big checklist. I wasn’t pausing each time I manifested to be grateful and appreciate the view I was like Ariana Grande ‘Thank you, next!’. Don’t get me wrong I am grateful for these things oh boy I am but I kept striving for more which is a classic trait in the Law of Attraction community it was forcing not flowing. So when I receive comments asking why I haven’t created content around recent manifestations it made me feel worried, because really my manifestations have been all emotional this year and what I’d call normal day to day manifestations, not the big dramatic success stories people wanted. I manifest every day that’s the truth whether it’s money, happiness or a good outcome I know I create my reality every day without fail because I’m consistent with my daily practises. My content recently has been focused on helping you guys to see the checklist in your life too. If you keep striving for more and more goals off your manifestation list without pausing, you will NEVER reach a point of fulfilment or that ‘I’ve made it!’ moment.

So my advice to you is to scrap the checklist, yes it’s great to have big goals, visions and want to manifest heck I still do! The problem comes when you’re not stopping and being grateful for the manifestation. If you’re always thinking of the next thing, and then the next thing and so on you’re going to end up in one unfulfilled heap as I did. When a manifestation does arrive, stop and take in the view, celebrate, do a happy dance and give yourself time to truly feel grateful for this blessing. Then when it feels settled and good to you can focus on something else, but give yourself and your manifestation the credit it deserves first. Also, we can’t manifest the big exciting things all of the time it’s just not sustainable remember we are cyclic beings so we can’t always be in our summer (manifesting, masculine energy) sometimes we have to retreat and work on the inner (winter, feminine energy) and that may not be your manifestations for a short while. There is nothing wrong with taking a break and even when I did I was still manifesting great things daily it just wasn’t the big career goals etc as my inner happiness was more important to me at that stage.

Whatever stage you’re at is okay, you’re exactly where you’re meant to be Queen and if you’re on a vacation from your manifestations at the moment that’s okay too! Life isn’t all about the big sparkling successes and whilst I have manifested truly incredible things in my career and in all areas of my life, I equally enjoy manifesting the simple every day things too they just don’t always warrant a big flashy video. So I hope you can see with this that while yes it’s great to hear success stories and feel inspired by them. Don’t put pressure on these people to share manifestations with you or to constantly manifest to keep you going, because you wouldn’t want that pressure on you either! From doing this myself and feeling that pressure I know you will burn out and it’s just not a sustainable or fulfiling way to live either.

“If you keep striving for more and more goals off your manifestation list without pausing, you will NEVER reach a point of fulfilment or that ‘I’ve made it!’ moment.”

So today I challenge you to scrap the checklist and have fun! Because fun is the ultimate manifesting energy anyway, stop taking your list so seriously and take in the view – flow with the rhythm of life instead of forcing it all. Pause when you manifest something off your list, enjoy the view and allow yourself to truly celebrate and feel gratitude for where you are. Take a vacation from your manifestation list as often as you need and come back to it when it feels good; there is no pressure to perform and you’re right on track. That’s your ego talking wanting it all now or comparing your journey to another and feeling that when you have this list you’ll be complete and stop, you never will there will always be the next step and then a next step. Your soul knows there is enough time and what will really fulfil you which will never be anything external. So work on that first and have fun along the way, because when you do your checklist will turn into a journey and one which you will enjoy whether you reach them or not.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post and I hope it’s inspired you to stop turning your life and manifesting journey into one big checklist and comparison trap. As always please do let me know your thoughts in the comments down below. Don’t forget you can also join the conversation over on my FREE Law of Attraction support group over on Facebook which you can join here. I hope you all have a great week and I’m sending you all lots of love xx 

Emma xx
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