At the weekend I delivered two kick-ass workshops at Restfest festival in West Sussex, it was a fabulous day full of sisterhood and I enjoyed every single moment of it! In my first workshop about how to redefine your version of wealth and find fulfilment in the now, I was asked by a lady in the audience ‘How do you know if the reason why your manifestation isn’t turning up yet is down to divine timing or because you’re out of alignment?’ I loved this question and I know so many of you will be asking the same and this is why I wanted to share my top tips and advice with you this week.

This is a question I’ve certainly asked myself before when feeling like I’m in the ‘waiting room’ with my manifestations. I know I show up, do the work and stay focused so sometimes I do find myself feeling like I’ve done everything and can now sit back and let the Universe meet me halfway. It’s a really tricky one to navigate because there’s a fine line between doing your inner work and feeling like you have to keep pushing and knowing when to let go and surrender.

My response to this lady’s question was ‘do you feel like you’re sat in the waiting area of life?’ to which she replied ‘yes!’. Quite simply when something is divine timing you’ll know about it because there’s a journey you need to go along in order to align yourself with the version of you that has that manifestation. If you feel like you’re waiting then Queen get back up! This stagnant ‘waiting’ energy is not the energy that helps you manifest, I’ve known myself to do this a few times. Where I convince myself I’ve done everything then be sat waiting and later realise I really was misaligned and needed to shift something. There is a perfect timing for everything and what is for you will never pass you by. When we are in alignment vibrationally we aren’t sat in a ‘waiting room’ we’re having fun, feeling great and getting on with our lives. This active energy creates flow and movement where shifts can happen. Sitting down, waiting and doing nothing only means your energy is doing exactly the same and will be reflected back to you.

So if you feel truly in alignment and that you’re not waiting around, your life is pretty awesome right now and you’re fully accepting of both outcomes (your manifestation happening and it not happening) then the likelihood is your manifestation is right around the corner and it’s a case of the Universe lining everything up for you. If on the other hand, you feel like you’re in the ‘waiting room’ and helpless almost to your situation this is misalignment, it may not be that you’ve particularly done anything wrong it may simply be a case of you’re just not quite seeing it yet. Ask your spirit team or angels to reveal to you what it is you’re missing or what you can shift right now. The most important thing to do here Queen is to get back up and walk out of the ‘waiting room’ you’re not stuck, you’re not helpless there is always something you can do. It may be even as simple as changing a belief or checking in whether you’re fully in alignment with your manifestation? Have your feelings changed towards it? Do you believe the affirmations you’re repeating? If you don’t believe what you’re saying the Universe will simply mirror back that misalignment. So check in with yourself here – do you need to simplify your affirmations to match your current belief and then make them more complex as you work up the belief scale? For example, if your current affirmation is ‘All areas of my life are happy, abundant and peaceful’ yet you rank this at a belief of 7 or below then simplify it. You could use ‘Each day I attract more happiness, peace and abundance into my life’ until you reach a 7 or above with this affirmation.

“When we are in alignment vibrationally we aren’t sat in a ‘waiting room’ we’re having fun, feeling great and getting on with our lives. This active energy creates flow and movement where shifts can happen.”

The key here to remember is that divine timing doesn’t mean that your job is done in terms of the inner work. In most cases, the journey will still be unfolding and the person will be aligning themselves to match the version of themselves who has this manifestation. So if you can relate to this, get back up, reclaim your power, ask to be shown what you can shift right now and focus on embodying the feelings the version of yourself would feel when they have this desire. You also want your manifestation to be sustainable this is also what I explained to the lady in my talk if you manifested your desire now would you be in the best place to receive it and maintain it? Looking back there are many instances in my life I was desperate for my manifestations to arrive and on reflection, I realised that actually they really did all arrive in the perfect time and if I had got them sooner I would have still been doing the work and not been aligned to my vision or probably been able to keep them.

There is a reason for everything and remember to trust the Universe’s timing because it’s working for your highest good. If you feel like you’re clinging on too tightly get back up, focus on letting go and becoming okay with both outcomes. We know what alignment feels like and it’s normally a peaceful, happy, fun vibe where life flows and so does abundance so get back into that flow and ask for what it is you’re currently not seeing!

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and that it’s served you this week, as always please do let me know your thoughts in the comments box down below! Don’t forget you can also download my FREE weekly manifesting worksheet designed to keep you accountable and successfully manifesting week in week out! I hope you all have a great week whatever you’re up to and I’m sending you all lots of love xx

Emma xx
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  1. Anela

    This is one of your best posts! This is so true. Everything does truly come when you do the work and align yourself to be the perfect match to it 🙂

    1. Emma

      Thanks lovely so pleased you enjoyed it xx

  2. Marchia Ryborz-Horn

    Hey! I found the post! Yay. I went to your Youtube channel watched an awesome video hoping to find this topic. When you mentioned your blog (in your vide), that is when I realized “Oh yes, her blog” and BAM I found the topic! Thank so much.

  3. Rebecca

    This is something I relate to and have been wondering about. A super helpful article!

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