Woohoo it’s my blog post of 2023! After a busy last few months it feels great to be back on the blog. This week I really felt called to share with you some quick tips and tools on how being in alignment and in flow with the Universe creates HUGE abundance in your life.

On reflection over the last year or so HUGE abundance has flowed into my life. Even currently, I’m manifesting a big goal of mine which has lead me to reflect on what this journey has brought up for me so far and how my relationship with manifesting has changed over the years. As I sit here now awaiting a decision out of my control I feel relaxed, I’ve enjoyed my day and although I have been thinking about it I know either way I’m going to be okay. I trust in the Universe, I trust in divine timing and I trust in creative solutions should it be a ‘no’. Remember a no is only ever divine redirection so if this isn’t my yes this time a even more aligned yes will come along. Everything is as it should be. Whilst I of course care about my goal and have spent lots of time and energy on this I really feel I’ve got to place in my life where I feel deeply surrendered in day-to-day life so that when big decisions, goals or moments happen I echo that same relaxed and surrendered energy.

The level of magic in your life reflects your level of surrender and I truly believe this. A pattern I’ve noticed over the last year and a half is that I’ve been flowing with life and the Universe more than ever. I’ve been dropping expectations around my manifesting, trusting more, flowing and feeling surrendered in day-to-day life. This in turn has brought so much magic and abundance into my life as I drop that control and rigid energy that I had in previous years. So what do I feel the secret has been to this? Inner work for one but also trust comes in two layers – trust is built from lived experience and from transforming our beliefs around trust. So of course seven years into my manifesting journey now I’ve got a great level of trust because I’ve seen time and time again in my life and in others that the Universe always delivers. But equally, I have been working on my internal world over the last two years releasing huge trauma, fears and limiting beliefs so I believe my level of trust now comes from both my mindset and lived experience.

When we surrender we are allowing ourselves to align with whatever is for the highest good. This means when we surrender we get present, we get grounded and we get grateful. We drop our expectations, the how’s, the when’s etc and simply flow. Flowing not forcing! So when you live in flow regularly you experience more flow and magic in your life as you step into the vortex of abundance and allow magical things to flow to you. Easier said then done though! So here are my top tips on how you can live more in flow this week and cultivate a surrendered state of being.

Working on your level of trust is really important. First of all, close your eyes and take a deep breath in and on the exhale release any stress or tension from your day so far. With your eyes closed still, visualise your biggest desire the one thing you really want to call in this year. See it in your mind’s eye like a movie and I’m now going to say something and I want you to identify where in your body you feel this. ‘Your manifestation is not going to happen’. Identify where you felt that and write any notes down – make sure to write down any other key feelings or words that came up in this excercise and now journal upon these questions…

  • Why don’t I trust this will happen?
  • Why do I feel this hasn’t manifested yet?
  • Do I feel worthy and deserving of my desire?
  • When has the Universe supported me previously?
  • What stops me from believing the Universe is always supporting me?

Next, I want you to write a list in a notebook or journal of all the times in your life the Universe has supported you or stepped in with a creative solution. Note down all the times a miracle has occurred in your life or how a ‘no’ actually turned into a huge blessing in disguise. Once you have your list reflect on each point and see how your level of trust feels now.

Surrender is a process and it’s definitely not something you can fake, but try the above tools and see how your relationship with trust and surrender shifts. Remember Queen it’s already yours – somehow and in some way your desire will find you in the perfect timing. Release the control, release the expectations and allow everything to be what it needs to be in your life. This doesn’t mean you have to accept or tolerate less it simply means surrendering to the flow of life and allowing magic to enter within that space. When you’re in a state of flow you allow the Universe to get to work and abundance will flow to you as if by magic!

I hope this blog post has really served you and given you some great tips and on how you can align with more flow and abundance in your life. Don’t forget my NEW book Hurt, Healing, Healed – Release limiting beliefs, fears and blocks to supercharge your manifestation is out now! In my third manifestation book you can expect to learn what causes blocks with manifesting and how to identify and release these. When you order a copy of the book you can also claim my FREE 60-min ‘How To Manifest Like A Pro’ webinar. Click here to order your copy now! As always please do let me know your thoughts on this blog post in the comments section down below. I hope you have a positive and abundant week whatever you’re up to. I’m sending you all lots of love xx

Emma xx
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