Now that we’re fully into Spring hopefully you’re feeling the new rush of energy in the air and are looking forward to the green light we now have from the Universe with the manifestations and projects we’ve been cultivating over the winter. With this being said I wanted to share with you this week a blog post to help spark inspiration, motivation and productivity within you over the next few months.

So why this topic? Well, recently I’ve found myself feeling unmotivated, uninspired and unproductive – for me personally I’ve never had this issue when it comes to work but throughout Pisces season especially everything felt like a huge task on top of being in the process of buying our first home. I didn’t feel productive and I was beating myself up for this too knowing how crucial these next few months are in the business. It was only when I mentioned this on my Instagram and in the Manifestation Membership on our calls I realised this was a collective energy as so many of you reached out and voiced how you too had felt exactly the same and how even the most simplist of tasks felt like a chore and weren’t getting done. I’d hoped with the Aries and Spring Equinox energy coming in it would shift this for us all, and while some areas are racing ahead some areas still feel sluggish. So with this I felt really called to sharing with you my top tips and advice on how you can set yourself up for success with inspiration, motivation and productivity.


In my Manifestation Membership, throughout March we’ve been exploring creativity and I loved how much I got out of this topic alongside the Queens. It reminded me how much alignment comes through creativity and how you can’t force creativity and inspiration to flow. The energies of creativity and inspiration are very divine feminine whilst the energy of motivation and productivity are very divine masculine. So essentially we need to marry the too and create that divine balance within ourself where we allow creativity and inspiration to flow whilst also taking action towards setting ourselves up for success, whether that’s through a daily routine or habit that will help you to feel more productive and motivated or even through switching up your diet for example. Think about this week how you can create the environment for more productivity and motivation throughout your day or with a particular task?

For me I’ve really been struggling with writing book four, I have a deadline to deliver the sample chapters by and they’re just not flowing how I expected them too. That could be simply because of the other big projects we’re working on at the moment but essentially it all comes down to alignment. Right now I’ve put the book down to write this blog post as it feels lighter and easier than forcing myself to sit and write. Today, I also sat and powered ahead with the planning of my Glastonbury retreat that’s happening this August, we’re months ahead of ourselves in planning but it’s flowing, it feels so good and so exciting.

Over the years I’ve come to realise that when I’m forcing myself to get inspired and creative it’s just not going to work! If it’s not flowing there is a reason for that and when I’ve picked projects back up months later they all of a sudden as if by magic flow and there’s no stopping them! This comes down to alignment and that divine trust in the Universe that if it’s not flowing right this minute or even this month it doesn’t mean it won’t ever flow. It’s all about timing and being in the energy to receive the download of creativity or inspiration. So ask yourself are you in alignment with the project or task you’re trying to complete? Is it procrastination or is it actually just not the right time?

Journal on these prompts below to explore what could be blocking your flow currently…

  • What stands in the way of me completing this task or project currently?
  • How can I be more compassionate and kinder to myself with this project or task?
  • What feels good for me to focus on or complete currently – where do I feel drawn to go?
  • How can I invite more fun and joy into these tasks?

“Every season holds the perfect energy for whatever it is you’re wanting to birth or create, so trust in the Universe’s process and this season of your life here and now.”

Setting Yourself Up For Success

Finally, it’s all about setting yourself up for success when it comes to motivation and productivity. For me, I know without a solid morning routine my day would be all over the place. I also know that I’m most productive early in the morning so having four core hours blocked out for my biggest workload for the day is the recipe for success. I’ve also realised over my time writing four books that Sunday’s are my best day for writing as I have no distractions and can curl up in bed and write away for hours. I know that my bed is where my best work and ideas and channeled and that I can’t be creative and channel new ideas if I have a heavy packed workload day. All of this has come from years of trial and error in my productivity but one thing I do realise every single time is I need the space to create, I need to create the space for new ideas to birth and I need the space to channel and receive. I can’t force my best work and I can’t force myself to do something I’m not vibing because that definitely won’t serve you and it won’t serve me.

So this Spring as we start to feel the natural fire in our belly to start pushing again make sure you have enough space energetically, emotionally and physically to really nurture these manifestations, ideas and projects and that you feel in alignment with them. If something’s not getting done right now trust in the timing and trust over the coming months as we bloom into Summer all will become clear. Trust what lights you up currently and follow the flow and the projects that feel the most aligned here and now. Every season holds the perfect energy for whatever it is you’re wanting to birth or create, so trust in the Universe’s process and this season of your life here and now.

I hope this blog post has really served you and given you some great tips and tools on how you can spark more inspiration and productivity this week. Don’t forget the doors to my Manifestation Membership are open for the two week! The membership launched over three years ago now which means when you sign-up you get instant access to over 40 months worth of incredible topics and content. The membership is an affordable and accessible group coaching setting where you get monthly live moon circles and coaching sessions with myself, as well as industry expert circles with world-class experts, workbooks, meditations, videos, downloadable content and much more each and every month! If you’d like to find out more information and what’s included then you can find everything by clicking here and also how you can sign up. Join me and make 2023 a year filled with magic and manifestation! I can’t wait to see you in there Queen and help you manifest your dreams this year. As always please do let me know your thoughts on this blog post in the comments section down below. I hope you have a positive and abundant week whatever you’re up to. I’m sending you all lots of love xx

Emma xx
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