It’s that time of year again as we enter in the warmer months where we have a cosmic cocktail that can create intense feelings, situations and triggers to come up to the surface. Welcome to eclipse season! This week I wanted to share with you my top tips for embracing eclipse season, letting go and navigating this as easily as possible.

Eclipse season happens twice a year where you have a lunar eclipse on a Full Moon and a solar eclipse on a New Moon. This month the New Moon solar eclipse happened on Thursday 20th April 2023 in Aries and ends on Friday 5th May with a Full Moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio. On these days I normally suggest not doing any Full Moon or New Moon practices as the energy can be volatile – wait a few days until the energy has settled to do any manifesting or releasing rituals. With this, it’s certainly going to create some intense energy over the next month which isn’t something you need to fear, you are divinely protected and what comes up in an eclipse season is karmic and destiny. Eclipses are events that are designed to shake you up and wake you up to get you to where you need to be, this can feel intense at times as multiple things can hit you at once but if you’re in the Manifestation Membership you can use ‘Astrology’ and ‘Moonology’ month to see what house the eclipse is hitting you in. There are also so many positive things that can happen in eclipse season like pregnancies, engagements, job offers, moving home etc!

To add to this interesting mix of energy we also have Mercury in retrograde from the 21st April – 15th May 2023. Mercury is the ruler of communication, travel and technology so expect delays and to be slowed down to focus on rest, reset, clarity and realignment. With both of these cosmic events happening at the same time the energy has been very dense, heavy and up and down. I personally have felt all sorts of emotions surface even from 2020’s summer eclipse season which I’ve read is happening for a lot of people.

For this eclipse season blog post though I want to focus on letting go and the real pull we’re having at the moment to release and go within. Eclipse season is all about new beginnings but before we can get to the new beginning we must always have a release and an ending. As we walk into a new season of our life over the next six months so many of us are waving goodbye to old chapters, relationships, homes, careers and identities. Whilst eclipse season can bring exciting celebrations sometimes it can also bring endings and the closing of big chapters. This is for all my Queens who are witnessing the closing of a door in your life right now – feel the grief, loss and sadness it’s all valid. Allow it to pass through you as you welcome in this new season.

As I wrap up a huge chapter in my life here in my home as we embark on moving house soon, this eclipse has brought up a ton of feelings and emotions around leaving and starting a new life in a new area. We were also meant to have moved by now so once again Mercury slowing us down so I can process this properly. Often with manifesting we hear about the exciting new beginnings or abundance that comes into someone’s life yet we don’t hear about the loss and closure before hand. If you’re experiencing the heaviness of something leaving your life right now just know that a new chapter will be coming soon and this too shall pass. Before you know it you’ll feel excited and high-vibe again ready to embark on this new adventure. For now though as you process this release, I want to share some rituals and practices with you to help you navigate the energy of the coming weeks…


It’s really important you allow yourself the time to slow down, rest, process and look after yourself. Be compassionate with yourself and look after yourself and your inner child. Whether that’s through pampering yourself, treating yourself to something or doing something for yourself by yourself. Schedule out some time this week to spend quality time with yourself, honour your needs and what comes up for you.

Salt Baths & Grounding

Although this could come under self-care I want to highlight the importance of grounding during eclipse season. Salt baths (Epsom & Himalayan salt) are the perfect way to detox, release and ground back into your body – whenever I’m feeling unsettled a salt bath is my go to to help me and my energy realign. So get out in nature and ground daily if you can.

Energy Protection

Having good spiritual hygiene is a must any day of the year but with collective and cosmic energy impacting us currently making sure you’re only carrying your own energy is important. You can listen to my FREE daily energy protection meditation here.

Full Moon Release 

With the Full Moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio happening on the 5th May 2023 to wrap up eclipse season I would also recommend doing a releasing ritual either the day before or a couple days afterwards to release the emotions, feelings and energy that has and will come up over the next few weeks. Write a list down in a notebook or journal with everything you’d like to release on it (people, emotions, feelings, situations etc) and then once you’re done destroy your list either through safely burning it or destroying it in another way. Whilst seeing your paper burn you could repeat this mantra…

‘I release now under this Full Moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio anything that is holding me back. I release any fears, beliefs, the past and anything that stops me from experiencing pure bliss, happiness and joy in this new chapter of my life. I release now any heaviness, dense energy, or any chords of attachments to the past or this list. I cut these chords now and clear and transmute all of this up to the Universe to be cleared away from me for good. And so it is..’ 

Most importantly allow whatever needs to fall away in your life now release. The space you create by releasing this weight from the past will open up the space and new doors to abundance and new prosperity.

I hope this blog post has really served you and given you some great tips and tools on how you can navigate eclipse season. Don’t forget my FREE 5-day challenge ‘5 Days To Alignment & Joy’ starts on the 1st May 2023! Feeling stuck with your manifestations and seeking joy and alignment in your life? Then join my FREE 5-Day challenge designed to help you manifest alignment and joy in your life this May. Also we’ll be identifying what may be stopping you from feeling joy and in alignment with your desires currently. Click this link here if you’d like to find out more information and join the free challenge starting on Monday. Join me and make 2023 a year filled with magic and manifestation! I can’t wait to see you in there Queen and help you manifest your dreams this year. As always please do let me know your thoughts on this blog post in the comments section down below. I hope you have a positive and abundant week whatever you’re up to. I’m sending you all lots of love xx

Emma xx
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