This week in the Northern hemisphere on the 21st March 2022 Spring is finally here with the welcome return of the Spring Equinox! With the nights becoming lighter and the sun beginning to warm our souls once again you’ve probably noticed an uplift in energy over the last week since we had the Spring Equinox and Full Moon on the 18th of March. So this week I want to share with you a powerful practice to create shift & change in your life!

With the Spring Equinox upon us now you may have noticed a shift – in your energy, mood and in your motivation. The Spring Equinox also falls on the first day of the new year for astrology as we move into the sign of Aries so for me personally, it really has felt like a new year, new me moment even in March. Ever since last week I’ve felt movement, positivity and momentum again being ill and working hard in February and March. Winter can feel like a very inwards journey of hibernation, self-reflection and addressing our inner world. Whereas Spring moving into Summer now focuses on our outer seasons where we can move forward with plans, ideas and goals. This is why it’s crucial right now in this energy to set your goals and manifestations for 2022 – what would you like to achieve by the end of this year?

We finally have the green light from the Universe to move forwards and take action, with all that we’ve been working with and creating over the winter months. This is why you may feel a sudden urge to start creating, actioning, cleaning your house, or clearing out things. This new energy allows us to create space for new abundance to come into our lives over the next few months. So here are my top tips on how to create shift and change this spring…

Get Spring Cleaning

This may or may not surprise you but whenever I have a good declutter of my house, donate items I no longer use and spring clean in general – manifestations, change and abundance start pouring in. The reason why this happens is because when we clear out old stagnant energy we make room and space for new manifestations and abundance to come into our lives. It’s all about creating the space so first of all give your home, office, car etc a good clear-out and spring clean. We all know how nice it feels anyway after cleaning the house thoroughly and creating more space. Marie Kondo and The Home Edit on Instagram have been a great help for me in learning how to organise and declutter my life thoroughly – it really is surprising how when we have a clean/organised house we have a clean/organised mind too. This leads me onto clutter in our emotional body and mind too – is there anything you need to take care of or release under this Full Moon in Virgo on the 18th of March? Have you been holding onto the past, old emotions or do you need to book time off and create the space for this decluttering in your life with a clear mind and schedule? You could even sage or cleanse your office or home after decluttering to reset the energy and once again clear any stagnant or negative energy from these spaces.

“Get clear on your intentions over the coming months as with this green light from the Universe now you will start to see big shifts, change and momentum blossoming in your life and with your desires.”

Set Your Intentions

Now that you’ve created the space in your home, mind and energy field it’s time to get clear on what you’re going to action throughout the Spring and Summer. You could do a vision board, monthly goal setting, affirmations or even a business plan for the next six months. Do whatever you feel drawn to but make sure you get crystal clear on what you’re moving ahead with and creating in your life. I personally like to do monthly goal setting in my journal so I know what my focus is for the month and then I can also break down my big yearly goals into manageable monthly steps towards the bigger manifestations. Get clear on your intentions over the coming months as with this green light from the Universe now you will start to see big shifts, change and momentum blossoming in your life and with your desires.

Try Something New

Why don’t you try a new way of manifesting this Spring? With this new energy upon us, this is the perfect time to try new ways in all areas of your life. I sometimes find that when I use the same methods over and over again my manifestations take longer or sometimes don’t appear at all. Yet when I shake things up and try a new method or do something out of my comfort zone I find that my energy quickly shifts and abundance appears! A suggestion of mine is to look at Abraham Hicks ‘Wouldn’t it be nice’ method. I’ve loved this tool for many years now as it’s been a relaxed, calm approach instead of my usual masculine approach to manifesting. All you need to do is write a list of your manifestations and start each one off with ‘Wouldn’t it be nice if…’ or if you want to try something new try manifesting with your Inner Child today.

Be In Nature More

Now that we’re getting warmer and hopefully dryer weather this is the perfect time to go and enjoy the outdoors. I always make sure because I work from home that every day I’m getting out and enjoying some fresh air with Luna so I can also be around the elementals and flowers. Being among nature can really ground us into Mother Earth and also help to uplift our energy in general – I mean who doesn’t love some vitamin D! So make a commitment to yourself this Spring Equinox to enjoy nature more whether it’s by yourself or with loved ones and to soak up all the beautiful grounding energy that is available to us at any time. If you’re feeling funky a nice walk in nature is a sure way to shift any stagnant or stuck energy.

I hope this blog post has really served you and given you some great tips on how you can create shift and change this Spring. Equinox. Don’t forget the doors to my Manifestation Membership are open for the next week! The membership launched 28 months ago now which means when you sign-up you get instant access to over 28 months worth of topics and content. The membership is an affordable and accessible group coaching setting where you get monthly live moon circles and coaching sessions with myself, as well as industry expert circles with world-class experts, workbooks, meditations, videos, downloadable content and much more each and every month! If you’d like to find out more information and what’s included then you can find everything by clicking here and also how you can sign up. Join me and make 2022 a year filled with magic and manifestation! I can’t wait to see you in there Queen and help you manifest your dreams this year. As always please do let me know your thoughts on this blog post in the comments section down below. I hope you have a positive and abundant week whatever you’re up to. I’m sending you all lots of love xx


Emma xx
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