Acceptance has been a theme over the last couple of weeks and something the Universe has been prodding me to highlight in my own life and to talk about with you guys. So this week I want to talk about whether finding acceptance for your current circumstances is bad Law of Attraction?

This conversation has kept coming up recently with my coaching clients also. Acceptance can be found in any situation in our life but often I hear fear surrounding acceptance because people believe that it’s bad Law of Attraction. I myself believed this in the beginning until I really tackled my fears, limiting beliefs and ego. I feel that not finding acceptance for where you are right now no matter how awful your situation may be is avoidance of healing. Don’t get me wrong it can take time to build up to acceptance but there are a few examples in which finding acceptance now can seriously change your manifesting game.

When I was in £7,000 debt four years ago I wanted to be debt-free badly, I was paying it off monthly but had no idea of how much I really owed this was avoidance and is so common among debt. By avoiding the actual figure I was blocking myself from manifesting financial abundance because I wasn’t accepting of my situation and wasn’t clear on how much I even needed to manifest. So that evening I sat down and worked out the exact figure I needed to become debt-free and ended up manifesting that amount and more within five days! The next example was with my dream house I had written my dream house list, I was taking inspired action and when I was putting in offers for houses every single one got rejected and the landlord would pick someone else. None of it made sense to me, so feeling defeated I gave up, found acceptance that I needed to stay in my flat for now and that evening I bought furniture for my current flat to make it feel more comfortable. The very next day my dream house manifested in the most perfect way but it was only after I found complete acceptance as I’d been desperate to leave my flat and viewed it as negative due to the memories there with my ex. My final example of this is with the (back then) dream man I got so fed up that he wasn’t turning up and I’d done so much work on myself that again I gave up, I felt happy in the present moment and fully accepted that right now it was just me and that was okay because at some point he would come along. Then boom within a month that manifested too.

Acceptance has been a big theme in my life it’s not a weakness and it’s also not telling the Universe that you’re ‘okay’ with being where you are right now. When we find acceptance no matter what the situation we reclaim our power, we are grounded in the present moment and we’re able to take inspired action from that place. Finding peace with your reality exactly how it is right now will set you free and will allow the space needed to create shifts and miracles. It may be hard to find acceptance or even gratitude for where you are currently but if you’re complaining and avoiding the healing that needs to be done here, you’re only prolonging the process. I find there is great power in finding acceptance, it’s clarity and when we have clarity and awareness of where we are and how we want to feel that’s when the Universe can get to work. It’s about surrendering the discomfort when you surrender the victim mentality you reclaim your power. When we can find the power in the now and fully accept what is you can take powerful surrendered movement forward.

“Acceptance = reclaiming your power and seeing the situation as an opportunity to grow and create miracles”

So what have you been avoiding finding acceptance with? Even a really recent example for me is with a relative of mine, I was annoyed they hadn’t acknowledged my birthday with even a card two months on and I understood they’d had health issues so put it down to that and just forgetting. When I got home I said to myself why am I so bothered by this when I have so many incredible friends and family who did bother and made me feel so grateful on my birthday. I realised it was my ego and that actually it didn’t matter where any gift or money came from because it all comes from the Universe, we are all one. So I worked on accepting I wasn’t going to receive anything and that I could manifest this abundance in other areas of my life and focused on the gratitude I did experience on my birthday, once I did I started manifesting orders, clients and payments all within a few hours so I knew this acceptance had set me free from ego. Then the next day I received a message from this person saying ‘I think I’ve forgotten your birthday, I’ll make sure to give you your gift the next time I see you’. I couldn’t believe it the power of acceptance over something insignificant transformed in less than 24 hours!

Acceptance really will set you free no matter what the situation, I’ve found acceptance to be a powerful practise for me and one I’ve reminded myself of recently. Are you in victim mode? Is your ego keeping you from healing and avoiding things? Avoidance is a block and yes while it’s great to think positive and expect great outcomes, we do also have to accept and find peace with our current circumstances in order to be grateful and have clarity on where we want to go. If we don’t have awareness of our reality how can we manifest the outcome we truly desire? This lack of clarity will only reflect back to you from the Universe.

So I hope this blog post has reminded you of the importance of acceptance and how this could set you free and actually manifest your desire! Acceptance is healing in so many ways and allows you to reclaim your beautiful Queen energy because you have the power to create the life of your dreams. Acceptance = reclaiming your power and seeing the situation as an opportunity to grow and create miracles. Let me know your thoughts on this in the comments below and don’t forget you can join me for my next masterclass ‘Soulful Marketing’ on the 1st November 2019 at 7pm GMT from anywhere in the world to learn my top tips and advice on how to grow your social media and personal brand in a way that feels aligned to you and your message. All information on what we’ll be discussing in the webinar and how to reserve your seat can be found here. I hope you all have a great week whatever you’re up to and I’m sending you all lots of love xx


Emma xx
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  1. Tracey Wahl

    Thank you Emma ❤️ It’s not until you point situations out like this, you redo not realise it’s your ego! Love this ?I booked your Soulful Marketing masterclass and looking forward to it. ???

  2. Tracey Wahl

    Thank you Emma! You don’t realise when a situation occurs your ego steps, thank you for pointing it out. Very interesting. I’ve booked the Soulful Marketing master class! ?

    1. Emma

      Thanks Tracey can’t wait to see you there! ??✨

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