Recently I’ve spoken to a lot of my clients about comparison and seen this mentioned on social media too, it seems to have crept in for many of us recently. So this week I wanted to share with you a blog post all about why you shouldn’t compare your journey.

It’s so easy for us to sit on social media and compare our lives whether it’s to fellow business owners, influencers, friends or even complete strangers. Social media is a comparison trap and it’s easy to fall into the spiral of comparison and focusing on what others are doing. I did this myself for many years with my previous business; I used to look at what everyone was doing and thought I had to do that too as that was the right thing to do. I also hear this time and time again in my coaching sessions how clients are so focused on what others are doing and have set goals because they’ve seen others doing it. Now don’t get me wrong taking inspiration is not a negative, the problem comes when you’re simply doing something because someone else is, not because YOU want to. In business especially I learnt that my uniqueness and challenging myself to be original and follow my own path was essential, I’d been in the comparison trap for far too long and I was tired. Tired of not getting results, tired of not following my own path and tired of doing the same as others.

Taking the plunge and focusing on my own lane was the best decision I ever made. When I focused my energy into my own work, working out whether my goals really were my own goals and fiercely focused on my own stuff. Shifts started to happen. It was odd suddenly my work was seen more, it brought me more joy to create and I felt more in alignment because I wasn’t comparing myself. This also works with your personal life. I always wanted a family young and then to focus on my career later on and my friend Selina wanted her career first and then to have children later on. Yet, funnily enough, we lived out each other’s desired lives. I got my career first and she had a family first. We both laugh about this now and how we wouldn’t change it for the world. It’s funny because the Universe really did give us what we needed over what we thought we wanted. Looking back I see the importance of my journey and while yes my friends are settling down, I also get to do some really epic stuff in my work which brings me so much joy. How often do you get to write books, travel, work with incredible people and help people change their lives too? I love what I do, but I did fall into that comparison trap there too.

“Comparing your life to others is pointless it’s like comparing the moon to the sun, both are beautiful and needed in their own ways. Both have a unique purpose and so do you.”

In society, we’re taught that our lives must follow a set procedure but what we’re now seeing is so many people breaking social norm’s and just doing what they truly want to! There is no rush for anything in life and there is a perfect time for everything. I know this myself with manifestations if they had of turned up earlier when I was desperate for them they wouldn’t have been sustainable. You end up comparing your life to someone who has never walked a mile in your shoes, think about it when you have such a unique purpose and path in this life – how can you compare that to someone else? Every single one of our journeys is beautiful and unique, some people will achieve their goals young, others maybe later in life. Age really is just a number and we’re surrounded by the ‘life’s too short motto’ constantly which puts this pressure on us that we have to do it all now. There is plenty of time and everything in your life is working out in the perfect timing. With me for instance, the last few years have been my work stage in life where I focus on my career and set myself up. Then hopefully the next few years will be more personal life focused and family-focused where I’ll enter a new stage of my life.

Nothing ever stays the same and we will have different focuses in different stages of our life. Your time is coming, and there is no set rule of how or when that will happen for you. You get to create that! Comparing your life to others is pointless it’s like comparing the moon to the sun, both are beautiful and needed in their own ways. Both have a unique purpose and so do you. You also never know how the other person is feeling deep down. They may be comparing their life to others, they may not even enjoy what they do and that’s not for you. A really powerful phrase Lucy Sheridan shared on my podcast about comparison which I’ve been using ever since is when you see something and you feel that lack or jealous feeling say ‘good for you and the same for me’. This is such a great way to turn comparison on its head and also a great manifesting technique to bring that abundance to you too.

So try to find the beauty in the present moment, where can you find gratitude today for your journey? Focus on your strengths and know that this is simply a stage in your life. The next stage will come along and then the next. Your life has a beautiful path one that is purely for you. It doesn’t matter what others think or say about your path because they’ve never walked a mile in your shoes. Don’t be rushed by society because there is plenty of time and your soul deep down knows that. It’s your ego that thinks there is a lack of anything. Treasure where you are right now because one day you’ll back on this time and see why it was so important. When you compare your journey to others you miss the abundance in your own lane, when you focus on manifesting your own lane there is no competition. When all of your energy is put into your own true goals, path and even business – you step out of your own way. Remember that energy flows where intention goes so the more you focus on your own journey and it’s beauty, the more you will attract all that you’ve been asking for. Keep yourself grounded and present because you’re always exactly where you’re meant to be – there are no mistakes in life.

I hope this blog post has helped remind you of why comparing your journey is pointless and how focusing on your own journey and uniqueness will bring you so much more joy and abundance into your life. As always please do let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Don’t forget you can join me for my next masterclass ‘Soulful Marketing’ on the 1st November 2019 at 7pm GMT from anywhere in the world to learn my top tips and advice on how to grow your social media and personal brand in a way that feels aligned to you and your message. All information on what we’ll be discussing in the webinar and how to reserve your seat can be found here. I hope you all have a great week whatever you’re up to and I’m sending you all lots of love xx

Emma xx
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